TBT-75 Atlas Main battle tank concept.

Here, for your consideration, critique, and pleasure, is one of my projects. The TBT-75 Main battle tank, completely my own design. Created as an idea for a near future remotely operated main battle tank capable of detecting and engaging targets from long range.

This is my fourth render step to date, and the fist that I am uploading here.

Fictional unit specifications:

X1) 1250 HP diesel opposed cylinder compact engine.
X2) 350 HP electric drive motors.

X1) 120MM multi-stage Gauss main gun.
X2) 20MM independently mounted Gauss automatic cannons.
X4) .50 caliber co-axial machine guns.
X10) medium missile tubes.
X4) anti-missile high intensity laser projectors.

Unmanned, crew operates vehicle from remote location (hatches are used for maintenance).
X1) driver.
X1) commander/com unit operator.
X2) gunners (main gun and co-axial and auto cannon and missile operators.)
X1) systems AI (anit-missile system, flare tubes, targeting).

I would greatly enjoy some feedback on the design, ideas for items to add/and or change, and any other comments the community would care to give.

Created in Blender 2.6A.
What textures it has were created in GIMP.

-Douglas Kehrly-2011 to 2012.

Neat tank, perhaps using the bevel modifier and adding a few small details might help improve it.

Yes it DESPERATELY needs a bevel, some subsurf on the treads and some smooth shading on the treads and other areas.

Thanks for the tips.
While I’m not very good with subsurf and bevel stuff, I’ll give it a try.
Thanks for the feedback, any other ideas on the design?

I think the main design is ok, nothing fancy needed. Just maybe change the materials.

For the subsurf, I would suggest maybe adding a subsurf modifier set to “simple” with a subsurf of 1 or 2 to the entire thing, and then add another subsurf modifier set to “catmull-clark” with a subsurf of 1 or 2 to get smooth edges. Then just set the shading of the entire thing to smooth.

Thanks for the tips about subsurf, but I’m not sure if that’s the look I’m going for with this project.
It may just be my own odd tastes, but in my models I prefer a harder shape in my lines, it just seems more “solid” in my mind.
The bevel idea is working out well for me though, testing it out quickly here I am finding that using a mild bevel on most parts adds a very attractive edge effect.

are you planning on flying this tank? it has flares. something airplanes use to disrupt waves from their engine to get missiles to go off course. But if your on the ground, the missile will still explode nearby, causing exterior and even interior damage, without it ever hitting your tank. also there is the possibility of it flipping. So wouldnt it be pointless to put flares in it? Youve already gotten your defence with the Anti missile lazers :stuck_out_tongue: it just seems a bit…much. Anyway, im going to go put a gun to my head :smiley:

You make a very good point.
The flare tubes are there, well, sort of mainly for looks, to be perfectly honest.
The idea for them was a way to divert heat seeking missiles away from the tank, due to their being added well before the AMS laser idea. They are mostly just for show at this point, and could theoretically be used as a signal device or to divert a missile not destroyed by the AMS system, but for the most part it was just easier to leave them there than get rid of them.

I see :smiley: and i understand completely :stuck_out_tongue: well thought out, and yes they could be backup defense to prevent nominal destruction of the full system, instead of destroying the tank completely, it would just be cosmetically damaged. Smartly done. I like hard lines for vehicles as well ;D

Take a look at T-95 Black Eagle; lots of detail and ideas to see. This guy is taking sloping armor to new level.

The T-95 does indeed inspire some ideas for the sides and other areas, I will have to give them a try today.

I am sure many of the T-95 sensor / defense appendages on top of the tank are removed in the film. It’s classified you know. But there could be flare tubes there too. Since, to spot a tank in a field is to use Infer Red sensors. The flare has more use then confusing IR sensors: to put up a smoke screen to obscure visibility or defeat laser targeting.

That article on the IR Adaptiv system gives me some ideas, I do after all have that hexagonal texture seen in the background, which could be edited to look like one of the plates pictured in the article.
Thanks for the ideas and input.

After a long time away from this thread I am proud to preset the latest render of this model, greatly improved in many ways from earlier renders.

Comments are of course very welcome, as always.

Looking pretty nice as far as modeling goes, I can see you added that sub surf, big improvement. I would say pay more attention to textures, as it doesn’t appear to have any texturing at all as of now. Also, what are the unusual shiny objects sticking out of the dirt? And that landscape is very flat, I would add some displacement. It’s overall hard to see detailing when the tank is such a dark color and the sun is behind it, but it’s a good model.

Thanks for the feedback.
On the matter of textures: they have never been a strong point, I have always concentrated on using simple materials and plain textures in my models as I enjoy model design more than texturing.
As to the background: it’s just my often used render background; I have a liking for stark surrealistic landscapes such as salt flats.
On the darkness of the model: it may just be the fact that I have the settings on my LCDs at maximum that causes me to use such dark materials.

You’re not alone on preferring modeling, I think texturing is quite a pain in the neck, but without strengthening your texturing skills you’re not exercising your full Blender ability, and I think texturing is just as important as modeling. And that’s actually quite a good idea on having those mirrors as a test environment, I guess it reflects all sides of the tank. Huh, never thought of that.
What are LCDs? Sorry I don’t know what these groups of capitalized letters stand for…

Liquid Crystal Display, I use two large high brightness displays for my computer so I may see dark tones slightly brighter than you do on your own monitor(s).

I’d get rid of some of the more artistic details on the ship. right now it looks more like a gaming console with a gun rather than a tank. Add some more functional details and take off the aesthetic embellishments.

I have always figured I had erred on the short side with overly fancy details. All of the detailing on the Tank at the moment is quite functional (keeping in mind a near future unmanned main battle tank).