TBW - An UPBGE Blender Game! (On Discord)

(Fred/K.S) #28

Meantime Update !!!
Another !!!
It just keeps on Improving as another day goe’s by… :slightly_smiling_face:


(Fred/K.S) #29

Site UPDATE: (New 2019 Look!)



(Fred/K.S) #30

Busy working on some new stuff ATM so no stress people!


(Fred/K.S) #31

Quick Minor Update!

More is yet to come…



Dude the landscapes and space are sick! I don’t know how ur maintaining decent framerate but u did a great job with all of it!

(Fred/K.S) #33

:smiley:Hey thanks you shall see my upcoming Video im busy with, i will upload a showcase this month of whats coming in this game. (Yeah its alot of work but its coming together nicely and also very quickly)

Man its on a scale u cant imagine and so far the results in the last 4 months have shown that the game is able to maintain stable framerates even on the highest settings.


(Fred/K.S) #34

Alright Guy’s there’s no point hiding anything here’s a quick update on what ive been working on this week for TBW !!!
Its a Tease…

BTW forgive me i didint use any cubemaps or SSR for reflections i went for a more cost effective method of saving my performance due to the limitations on my hardware!

(blenderaptor) #35

very nice !

(Fred/K.S) #36

Thank You!
This year will be an AWESOME year guy’s…



(blenderaptor) #37

by the way, is there somewhere a secret hidden doc of upbge ? Just like Armory, we never know if the project is running or is coming to a dead end.

UPBGE has eevee rendering?

(Fred/K.S) #38

Not sure yet ey, at this point all i can say is that UPBGE devs have stopped working on UPBGE for a while im not sure when else they’re going to get back at work on UPBGE again so far they have left it to guys like us to make games for the time being.

so until we get an exclusive release of an UPBGE game that makes use of all UPBGE’s features the devs might get back on board, it may be a long time but i’ll let you guy’s know of whats happening in those circles.

The UPBGE version that uses EEVEE is an experimental build of UPBGE and does exist.
(But iam afraid i do not know the source or link of where such a build is kept i will have to ask to have access to it)


(Fred/K.S) #39

So far this is all we have, maybe @youle is using the Developers build i do not know if us as Devs are allowed to use this experimental build of UPBGE. :thinking:

Here’s a video showing Eevee in UPBGE:

Here’s a 2nd video:


(Fred/K.S) #40

December 2018 Screens: (Meantime Update!)

Here are some Gameplay Tests in the Pre-Alpha build: (Captured in UPBGE last year’s build)


(Fred/K.S) #41

2019 Update: (There will be More coming!)


(CYNIC78) #42

Cool picture!

(Fred/K.S) #43

More Good Content Coming Up ahead next month:


(Fred/K.S) #44

Early Reveal Showcase: (Not too bad to start the year on poor footage :disappointed_relieved: )

More coming in sort time :sunglasses::+1:

Really really sorry abt the poor Video Quality :sweat_smile: i hope its not a bad way of starting the year.


(Thomas Murphy) #45

I like the animated bushes. Is this object animation or a shader?

(Fred/K.S) #46

More like a shader its simulates the wind and cloud direction om the grass at the same time nodes are animated to make the grass sway dynamically. Only thing taxing the GPU is Realtime dynamic shadows and HDR Lighting i don’t have a beastly rig so on my pc it runs 30fps atm on my friends 1070 it does 60fps since UPBGE carries out the optimizations nicely.


(Fred/K.S) #47

But what I’m going to do with the grass I’m going to try and integrate the procedural Grass shader and make it compatible with my dynamic looking Grass only this time it will be on an all out fully sized MAP Terrain and I’ll test the new grass on that map detail may be downgraded abit to achieve optimal performance levels.