TBW - An UPBGE Blender Game!

im about to drop content There’s a new planet !!!
Well you guys have always seen its exterior since last year so yau’ll are pretty used to how it looks outside but this will be the 1st time i get to showcase what its like on its surface !!!
:scream: Its really mind blowing …

Well people like videos and Showcases and Trailers atm i am only able to show screens (videos are delayed by just a Little bit) so not much feedback gets through, im just getting to that point where i’ll be just dropping videos on videos like crazy i just need to organize some free time for uploads and editing videos… !!!


TBW - Planets Works In Progress for BETA Build (Starts 1st March 2020)

Here’s just the Shots for Showcasing thus far guys i will be designing the surface of these Planets this time at full planetary scale without a sweat, adding all regions that people would want to love and see up on screen.

Will Be Showcasing its Beautiful Surface Soon!



why Xosis Prime text is in small letter?

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Lol yeahhh i forgot hahahas


Just to let you know Xosis Prime is still one of the best looking planets but i will showcase an even more beautiful looking planet that surpasses the of Xosis!!!


MARCH 2020 - Official Content !!!

NEW PLANET - Showcase

MOTHEWAWEI - From the Ground !!!

PART 2 - Better Enhancements !!!

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PART 3 - Planet Mothewawei Showcase!

  • So just to let you know this is Fresh 2020 content no downgrades this is a new planet i created last year or a year ago lol but ive finally designed its surface the world is fully playable and it also features GTS, However for the sake of the planet’s sake because its a planet with thousands of mountains and deserted lands uninhabited it will not feature in the Demo’s or the final game rather ive decided that this planet will be explored in the cut scenes instead as the story is being told we will visit this planet with characters.


for those who are interested in footage Here you go guys !!!



Congrats ! Those rings around the planet are superb ! What’s your computer specifications ? You have which GPU ?

Can’t wait to see what this game is about :slight_smile:

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currently i had to use my moms laptop to nake this planet so because i dont really have a RIG at the moment im forced by all means to use her pc to push and advance on the project since i backed up all the project files when my old RIG died completely. specs are still same its mid range hardware: now only difference is 16GB RAM , 4GB Ded NVIDIA Graphics GTX , Intel Core i5 7th Gen and windows 10 1 TB HDD thats it but on my previous PC i did have only 8GB RAM !!!

Yeah man ive been pushing the Engine so much hence why u still see me using UPBGE 0.2.0 because its the most stable GE that can handle a Game of a Massive scope as TBW and its proven itself during the early years of development when i still used to carry out experiments, right now we’ve MAXED out the Engine in all area’s and we’re pushing far beyond what it can handle hence why aat this point new systems and methods of managing the game resources are being worked on and implemented.

Trailers and Showcase Videos are on their way i hope you’ve enjoyed the bits of screenshots ive posted because there will be more Updates Coming going forward in the week…
(Personally im happy the Game has improved over a span of 2 years this will be its 3rd year in development and iam so excited for the new upcoming build im going to compile so that i can showcase it here and on my You Tube channel :smiley:)


It’s looks like a good game. What it about?

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I think the Thread is pretty Clear at the top of the Thread!


lol, but if everyone is asking the same, it’s maybe coz it’s not obvious enough :cowboy_hat_face:

for exemple, i present ‘my 3d adventure fighting game’ or the other guy with “Game of Parkour” is very obvious. Maybe edit the title of the thread or edit first message line ?


Nice work, man!

Keep that up. We envisage testing the game soon.

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Editing the title wont do any service to the promotion of the Game at all it is what it is its like KRUM does he explain what KRUM is???

I think once videos start dropping things will make more sense…


Krum has Battle-Arena as an extension in it’s name.
Perhaps you should explain in the Thread Header what TBW stands for :slight_smile:

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well yeah you’re sight since ive already done the Title reveal why not …

Thanks @RandomPerson i will do that soon as i post the video im uploading…


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It’s a nice start.

I got some improvments in case you would also aim to better scene lighting and coloring.

-Grass and trees objects have darker than the floor or global lighting color brighness, it’s like they are in the shadows.
Or it looks like there is no global illumination multi bounces about sun lighting and nature green color illumination.
For example this kind of shaders and global lighting

-The overall lighting on objects and floor is old school shaders, and there is no grass and trees leaves light scattering or transparency, they look like solid objects.
It would look like a new game using Upbge 0.3 lighting and shaders.
For example this kind of nature shaders for trees adn grass

Perhaps you don’t aim at making up to date lighting and shaders and the game is focused on planets, so it’s fine.

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yes, currently graphics isnt a priority, especially at the crazy scale im trying to work with.

but i think fred is going for a clone wars mood. that image isnt that.

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You can make sompe lighting mood in Upbge 0.3, using color grading for example.
The concern is more about the overall lighting looking very old school, and the dark materials assets or shaders not very appropriate to make it look good.

Do you have some image of the clone wars mood ?

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I like what you’re saying here man:

Lol thanks for your wonderful feedback buddy i truly appreciate it thanks so much buddy.

well on the other hand when i meant im pushing UPBGE beyond its limits i meant Gameplay wise and mechanics not so much visuals, ive decided that my visuals should remain distinct and retain a sense of consistency throughought but so far judging from what ive seen over the years this is some of the best content to ever come out of BGE … (upbge)

So im not surprised, yes i am interested in creating complex shaders however iam not a pro maybe you could PM me and advise me maybe we could discuss this further i do plan on making a DEFINITIVE VERSION of the game where i can flex the visuals in UPBGE 0.3.0 pls PM me so that we can discuss this further maybe i need some advise as you’ve suggested here on the thread.

keep me posted on your systems regarding perfect lighting simulations for the Game Engine, my main focus in 0.2.0 is to deliver the Game as is not to push visuals, visuals will be distinct and consistent and cinematic for story telling but GAMEPLAY is a priority and delivery…