TBW - An UPBGE Blender Game!

Ive got so much content for this Game on the rise that ive been preparing since the start of the year which i will release when my next build gets completed so in sequence:

Content Annual Releases 2020:

  • Teaser Trailer 2
  • Teaser Trailer 3
  • 1st 2020 Alpha Gameplay Footage Unedited!
  • Planet Level WORLDS Showcases

As soon as i kick start the patreon, i’ll be rolling the content without any stops or delays anymore, right now im speeding up development; the team is assisting with assets creation and im attending to the bulk and the rest of the stuff required so that our next Upcoming build can showcase how the Game play style will be and our new HUD design and menu design.
Its alot of work but im on my toes. (Ive literally burnt myself 5 times more this time around so i cannot allow anymore further delays to the content, sit back relax i shall make an announcement before i release something towards the end of this month or beginning of next month “April”)

in the Pre-Alpha Build i have 3 Fully designed levels which serve as templates and prototypes i also maxed em out and benchmarked them alot back in 2018.

currently in the Alpha Build i only have 1 playable at the moment next month like i said im remastering the grass planet and the ocean planet, if you guys are lucky i may even finish up the ocean planet for alpha build maps testing only.

and for the BETA map i only have 1 Experimental planet im currently making i will show you guys below what ive achieved for the BETA Map !!!
What you see below is whats going to be functional in the BETA Map ensuring that we have fully playable planet levels: (This was a successfully passed experiment that will ensure our new atmospheric system functions for BETA Maps)

Sacrifices sleep and works hard to push TBW - Development!

So Yeah man @Ratchet expect our BETA Demo maps to be able to run on this level of SCOPE :sunglasses: :+1: (Like ive always said this game will bridge the gap between whats possible and what can’t be done in UPBGE at all and redefine how we make games on this engine, this is the Testimony that will allow people to make future open world Games on the UPBGE!)



Thanks so much buddy for all the positive feedback man iam more and more greatful for your interest in this project , what ive shown thus far is great now im taking things to the next level more needs to be seen and ultimately we all need to play.

The time will come when i shall roll all available resources for the UPBGE Community to learn from, im even thinking of tutorials to make so that we can grow our UPBGE user base and get newbies all making nice small or BIG amazing games on this Engine. (UPBGE needs more games for the next 10 years+, we need a large Library of UPBGE games that will go down in the history books and leave a good name for the BGE, all games made on UPBGE should Glorify & Testify to the legacy that the BGE has left.)

Yeah buddy, thanks a Billion :slightly_smiling_face: for the wonderful support & Feedback and i cant wait to show you guys more stuff and get to complete the builds, so that you guys can play the 1st Public Alpha Build and have fun im even planing on post launch updates and content releases for this game that’s how passionate iam; im willing to keep this game updated with new content in game after release even from our 1st Public Alpha Build all the way to Beta and final release.



What is specific to do to run open worlds like you do ? Lot of code and special features to add to an Upbge game ?
I hope it’s not lot of work wasted as Upbge is too much a niche engine with very small base users compared to Unity for example, and most Upbge users won’t make open world games.


From my personal standpoint, its not about having alot of code or coding alot, in a case of running an open world, code is necessary to ensure stability and performance but good level design is required and also workarounds(That being methods of tackling large areas), you need to understand the Engine’s strong points and weak points in order to create an open world that is Ambitious.

For the little Technical & Experimental achievements, ive been making in my builds and works in progress, I used different methods of tackling Scope, because we worked around the limitations of the Engine, it will all be revealed in due time after release through resources.

TBW is mean’t to answer the many questions Noob’s and newbies have when they’ve had their 1st encounter/ interaction with UPBGE!
(Like now im busy on player mechanics and systems and im on a Heavy push to get that going so i can showcase before i make final tweaks for the public release)

If that’s what you say, well then that’s your opinion and i respect that buddy.
All im saying is that its not really alot of work regarding “level design” to make open world even beyond the scale of TBW (All i can say is that you need tips and tricks and workarounds that make tasks seem impossible to conquer), I can testify to that so whats alot of work is Texturing & Modelling and implementation that’s all that’s alot of work to do because you incorporate everything … sound design is just a bonus and the coding you need to have an established framework before you try and attempt an open world game.

When a noob joins a community for the 1st time, it is their curiosity that lead them here to learn and to challenge themselves in bridging the gap between their visions and what the tool (GE) can do!

The only tip i can give you, if you are making a game or you want to make a game; the best thing i can say is, focus on “stability”, focus on “if it works” & focus on “what the engine is able to do” and “how you can work around what it cannot do”, many use UPBGE 0.2.4 today im not saying its not perfect ive tested many UPBGE builds and to me ive found out that 0.2.0 is the most stable build, infact its what ive always searched for even when i used to use BGE i would only search for stable builds and work within their limitations until i was confident enough to break the rules and work around the limitations, in order for me to achieve my visions for the projects.



You earned the praise sir, I mean it.

The scope of your project would already be daunting on a much more “capable” engine where all optimization at the desigh level could easily be skipped and left to the engine. So kudos for tackling that challenge with the Blender game engine!

I used Blender many years ago but it would crash way too often, if not freeze at startup. Only recently did I notice that it was now distributed on Steam, so I went on Blender.org, read the news, and got a .zip copy of 2.82. I also downloaded a build of UPBGE 0.3.0 made by BluePrintRandom with many addons included, and I’m noodling with both now.

In my ancient Blender downloads directory, I had this thing called BZoo for Blender, and BZoo API. I can’t find it in the Blender archives anymore. Ever heard about this ?


Perhaps this is what you are looking for?

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Thank you so much buddy!

Never heard of buddy.


Yes, that’s it! Thanks!

Unfortunately it looks pretty dead now. I was looking for the source but the page doesn’t exist anymore.

Ok. Sorry for the off-topic, Fred_K.S. I’m off to noodling now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mid April (Showcases): MEANTIME Updates!

This is not the best content to come out by far im just posting for the meantime while i polish up things properly on my End.

More content coming up soon within the next 10 Days!



looks great. is it infinite? Like can you walk around the entire planet?

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@Nicholas_A Yeah, the next showcase will showcase just that, full planets are “explorable at full scale” im currently working on the ocean planet as well!
(Which i will showcase within the next few days)

Here’s a snippet on what iam working on !!!
(But it will be for a full Gameplay Showcase :sunglasses:)

#Working on it guys :sweat_smile:, the next showcase will showcase More beauty; ive bare’d in mind what @Ratchet mentioned earlier, that i should go back to my old Pre-Alpha Ways of managing my colours, in the next showcase and for the rest of the development , this is something ive learn’t and i will maintain the level of quality i set before.

(The Goal is to TACKLE the aspect of Scope, then provide for that Gameplay at that scope level and to balance Performance and Visuals; visuals have to be decen’t enough to believe and be immersed in to the Universe of the Game!)

BTW thks a BILLION for the feedback!
(I truly appreciate every bit of feedback buddy)



Looking nice.
Hope to see some new gameplay :smiley:


Bro, How did you get that fog/mist like effect? BTW, BEST GAME EVER!!

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Its a Complex Node setup but easy to achieve; i’ll share once im done , BTW its 2 mists :wink:, i use 1 for the volumetric effects and the other is just an atmosphere, im preparing content so i’ll release here soon…thanks for the Incredible feedback bud i truly appreciate it bud.



Thanks! I’ve always been wondering how to achieve that look. I was going to try to figure it out myself for my game because in real life, the ocean always has some sort of mist cuz, well, it’s the ocean. And It will add some atmospheric look to the game.


(NEW) Upcoming Remaster for my Grass Planet :wink: !!!

Im nearing the completion for this remaster, i’ll drop a Video full on game play test :sunglasses: :+1: Hopefully some time this week … (Just hope the Editing doesn’t take longer than usual lol)

Game Cinematic’s from the Teasers will be shown after the next Trailer !!!

Stay Tuned Guys!




Just getting some stuff ready for this weeks content drops! Can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been pushing on all this time! The project went through abit of some hiccups over June and july due to my time but atleast i’ve managed to put up some of the content promises that have otherwise noew been overdue which i am happy to share with you guys soon…
(This is just a Tease to start the week off before i post all new stuffs)

Last Snippets from June!

the content is almost ready, soon as im done i’ll post immediately!
(but definitely more screenshots and showcases are up this month…)

Splash Screen Update!



imo there’s a bit too much of 3D glasses effect in those pictures even if it looks nice.

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there’s no chromatic abberation, the filmgrain filter is the only filter iam using to create this Art style Aesthetic! so because of the preset settings in the script, it seems to be conflicting with my TBW Graphics Lighting script, hence giving off that 3D effect on distant models or objects in the scene.
(Its not yet optimized for Gameplay YET! i still have to optimize it and then add it as the game’s default Highest settings option)

The light source is also dynamic not static or baked, im using a very basic lamp; RAW lighting, the rest is the lighting script that properly enhances the scene for a more cinematic approach to the visual style. (all objects that receive little to no light or those that are not emitting any light the script does that to make the scene more vibrant…)

Going forward i will maintain this style for the Game’s “pre-in game engine rendered” realtime cutscenes, all inside UPBGE 0.2.0. And so the cutscenes currently play at 30FPS capped!
i cant go over 35fps because of the PC im using so sometimes it dipps depending on whats been displayed on screen. but when the playable builds will be out the cutscenes will be optimized and downgraded of all the fancy effects, and will deliver a more organic Gameplay graphics style in game, cutscenes that will be performance TAX free!

So far so good there’s alot of balancing i still have to do which i will showcase from today onward…


#Collab Test Build - TBW August Final (Pre - Alpha build) Version.01!

So atleast ive got some updates on a last version of the Pre-Alpha Build, this basically is a more refined version of how the project 1st took off in its early year of development and so i finished putting together and cleaning up all the old Pre-Alpha Maps that were showcased already. Now my main focus is on the Current Developers Alpha Build version 0.0.2 which is another major step in the project’s milestone and achievements!

Lets Hope i can get much done before the end of this month that way i can release the 1st official Gameplay Video for the year!

Why i call it official well because it should be complete and have all the base elements all neatly put together and also it should have working features and it should be screenshot material ready and commentary ready.
Gameplay elements include:

  • Synced Animation system (Im currently using Dummy animations “Hand animated”)
  • Live world (Sky traffic etc AI / Space Traffic …)
  • GTS in full (Ground To Space Transitioning Seamlessly, Tile system implemented!)
  • living city fully dynamic in its design (A retextured and refined version of the current city)
  • Capital ships should be included (Starting point for Alpha map, spawn locations)
  • The Whole Confirmed Alpha UI should be also integrated as well (Full Menus and Notification systems)

so yeah guys, below are some screens of the final Pre-Alpha this shows how far the project has come in terms of its overall design and approach. (The Pre-Alpha Build’s were designed to test and experiment with UPBGE to test and see whether this Engine is truly capable of handling such a project of such an ambitious scope!)


Main Menu Showcase!
However going in to Alpha Demo there wont be major differences there will only be improvements here and there and propper integrations!
But the BETA will be Completely DIFFERENT!
(BETA build presents the final look of the game!)

I will be back this week with some actual showcase videos uploaded to my You Tube!

AS YOU GUYS MAY KNOW !!! im currently Diversifying by working on SR AWNW 2 at the same time !!!

Splash Screen Update!