Tcore Shadows - Alpha demo available.

From Now on you can find the latest updates here, on post #1.

Latest Progress:

  • Alpha available for download

Stuff for you to download:

Old Demo (TCO) -

Alpha release of Tcore -

The latest screen:

Enjoy, your feedback is appreciated. :smiley:

AND SPAM TITLEZ!!!11eleven…

(This post is meant to inspire you to a better matching title, without capslock and multiple exclamation marks)

The graphics remind me of King Kong, nice! :wink:

There are just a few minor things that could be better, like the blue sky on the first screen, I think that’s a bit to blue above such a grey setting.
I also think there isn’t enough colour. I’m not saying you should have every color of the rainbow on there, but try to use more diffrent colors in your textures. It’s like Assin’s Creed 1, where everything was also grey.

But, beside that, it’s looks good. :slight_smile:

@Jimmyon I understand your annoyance at the title, but I looked at the most viewed posts and took some qualities of those…

@Mirata Thanks :smiley: The really blue sky was originally not so blue, but I tried integrating a HDR filter, and tweaked it for that, then when I removed the filter I did not change the colour back…

In the menu on the video, or even the demo, you may have noticed the “onslaught” option. This is the arcade-style mini-game (wave defence, like Horde on Gears of War or Zombies on Call of Duty). I have now finished the first level for this, which may or may not be used in the “campaign.”

A new, more dynamic sky made of “layers”, with a crude “day/night cycle”, though currently working out some alpha draw “kinks”.
A drivable vehicle.
A Helicopter to bring your drivable vehicle on request.
A helicopter that brings enemies (as opposed to an empty that “pops” enemies in mid-air).
The original 3 - Airstrike (Carpet bomb), Chopper Turret and UAV drone missiles.
A points system (points for kills/damaging enemies, use them to buy things (new weapons or the above mentioned air supports).
Medi-packs (may consider making these purchasable (helicopter drop)).

I already have a plan for the next “level”.

Any feedback would be really appreciated; no-one’s said anything for ages about this… (I’ve already been told about the “roll” on the sleeve of the left arm giving the impression of, well, impression.)

Enjoy some screenshots:

lol the battlefield in blender

I will lol in unison, without fully understanding the reasoning… :smiley: (the battlefield in blender?)

haven’t played it as of yet but the screens look ok and the video also captures my interest… will take a closer look

:smiley: the demo is way outdated compared to my current work, I think I may release a demo of the Onslaught game type, and then the full thing :smiley: I’ve redone the crap gun texturing and am finishing some animations, then I have to work on (the completely preventable) mess I’ve gotten myself into with all the redundant datablocks :confused:

(Please don’t judge the project on the old demo, it’s way behind the current work) :smiley:

Here’s a look at my new level :smiley:

Update on the Rig progress (gone back to add features / debug) :smiley:


Animation’s a bit stiff, and the textures seem odd. Still, it’s looking pretty good.

Yeah, there’s an error with the UV mapping on my gun textures (Apparently you can only use 3 texture channels on a texture? Well, I had more than 3 linked when I was changing to the “new” textures and the materials “broke” :S)

I’ll work on the reload animations - it’s a bit difficult because I’m animating blind (The guns are only visible in game due to the set-up of the rig) and so I have to keep going in-game to evaluate the work and guess at what to change… I’ll change the climbing animation around, I didn’t notice in-game, but in the video it’s clear that the motion is the wrong way around (he climbs over AFTER the animation… :o)

…plus my PC’s crap.

Looks very cool. Sadly it’s a rar file. I think it would add to the coolness if you made your enemies a little more. . . responsive? Looks very very nice. I like the jet flying over.

Yeah, there’s an error with the UV mapping on my gun textures (Apparently you can only use 3 texture channels on a texture? Well, I had more than 3 linked when I was changing to the “new” textures and the materials “broke” :S)
Well…Three Textures are all you need to make great looking graphics anyway. The Color, Normal, and Spec. I like the level design, and setup by the way.

@cam.dudes - yeah, in the really old, should probably remove the link now demo (and subsequently the videos of files they were linked to), I found myself at a loss; I’d made the enemies work perfectly, then I linked them to the new file, and they stopped working properly, it turns out I hadn’t linked a cube which controls the “hiding” (They will go to the other side of any obstacles to hide from the player in certain circumstances…)

@turbomonkey - nice video. I do usually only use up to 3 textures, this was while transferring from old textures to new, I’d linked all 6 (3 old, 3 new) blocks just before deleting the old ones, and about 4 of the materials (I’ve 7 different gun materials) packed up, no pun intended :smiley:

Also, the animations are so much nicer without the lag of recording + my PC, which reduces them to crap… (I’ve noticed a few problems with my animations despite, hopefully a third round of bugfixing should resolve them…)

I’m going to work on making a small demo level to run around in, hopefully I can get rid of this really gloomy look I’ve achieved (for the next demo level I plan to release, anyway…)

And thanks for the crits/complements/advice :smiley:

Back and better than ever! :smiley:

Well, that’s a matter of opinion, but hey.

I got a bit fed up of the innefficiency and size of the file (So much redundant data :eek:) anyway, this, 4 days in, condenses all the stuff I learned from the above, and merges that with the fact that I’ve found a good way to texture… :smiley:

The video? The video!? sure:

Things you see not in the video:
There are more weapons (all working)
The awesome HUD :smiley:
There are a few more materials for the arms, a non-tatooed version, and a fingerless glove style, etc
It runs at ~50FPS on my crap machine which has 2.49GB left on the HDD (which limits the hell out of my PageFile) and budget parts…
Pickup system, not entirely finished yet though…

I found my style? :smiley:

EDIT: Hey, I just realised: Everything is made by me (textures, models, logic, scripting, concepts, etc)…
Wanted to be able to say that for ages (but I used photo textures from the internet before I knew how to texture properly…

Couple things:

  1. You can only use two UV layers in the BGE - if you need more, then you should condense images onto each other. An example would be that the Specular, Diffuse, Normal, and Ambient Occlusion maps really only need a single UV-map.
  2. The arms look a bit off in the video, like they’re too long. I assume this is because you’re viewing the game through a wide-screen view. In Blender 2.57 (out now!), the camera won’t let you view areas outside the camera’s view frustum.

It’s looking pretty good, though. Nice job.

Thanks, I have only 1 UV layer on the objects in the above video (The only one’s which don’t are the h-poly meshes used to bake textures, which will be deleted when I’m sure I won’t need quick access to them)…
I’m using 2.49, I haven’t the time or effort to be learn the 2.5x syntax yet, plus not all logic bricks are compatible, etc…

The reason for the reply is because I’ve just finished the pickup system and the HUD… woah, is that the time!? :o

well, the next video will probably have props, etc, perhaps some enemies… :smiley:

Whoa…Throw that dude a cracker…lol. I suggest you beef up your players arms a little.