TCP Optimizer

I found this little utility and thought some people would find it useful:

The program is called TCP Optimizer, a 448 KB free download that tweaks existing registry values to increase your internet speed. You don’t need to install anything to run it.

When I used it, I noticed a HUGE jump in my cable’s download speed. I was already going around ~300 KB/s, and now I sometimes get up well over 1 MB/s. However, I tried it with my friend’s computer (dial-up), and I barely saw an increase.

Try it out and post your results in this thread.

Didn’t get the slighest bit of change; I’m using firefox would that have anything to do with that?

No, the browser shouldn’t have anything to do with it. I use FireFox as well.

I guess it depends on the type of internet connection you have, and/or the registry settings.

I got ADSL… I dont understand why changing the registry would make your internet connection any faster; it doesnt make any sense to me… perhaps someone around here knows and could enlighten me? and a 700 kb/s increase for you wow… thats amazing I’m intrested in how you figure these out? I used

Well actually, I had a pc 3 years installed, and when I got better conenction 40 kbytes/s is downloaded still with 5kb/s. Afther some reasons I reinstalled and I saw the speed was really 40kb/s now.

About the program for speed increase, if you buy a connection (adsl or else) that has maximum of 200 kbytes/s and use the program, don’t expect that you get more then 200kbytes/s because that’s the limit. Well actually sometimes you see your conenction hitting 50% over the limit of your connection, that’s just for a short time, afther 5 seconds or 10 it’s 200 again.

You can’t get highter download speed the the limit of your conenction from the provider. If this does, we all should use it :stuck_out_tongue: but it isn’t that easy.

But this can be true for a part. If you have actually bought 200kbytes/s and you get only 150, it can be true that afther using it, the connection is 200 again, but not more. So to theropod, I think your limit is 1mb/s and because your pc or what ever was messed up., and the speed was 300kb/s.

Anyways I download the file, and check if it really speeds up the connection, but I think it doesn’t. You’ll get informed about it :smiley:

Yeah I said that my download speed gets up or over 1 MB/s, but almost always drop back down to ~800 KB/s, which is still faster than what it was before. It also really depends on the site you’re downloading from.

I went to PCPitStop and ran their download speed test. This is what it returned:

I can’t really explain it. Although it may be an update in the ISP service. My ISP (Shaw) released a new service called Shaw High-Speed Xtreme-I. If you subscribe for it, you get 5 MB/s download speed, 1 MB/s upload speed. Maybe after introducing this offer, they used the same technology for regular subscribers like me, just not to such an extent.

I don’t know, I’m not the networking wiz.