TCX/File with height points (topology) import to blender.

Hi blender users.
This quesiton is directed to more advanced users in blender. I really want to do this in no-cracking way ;).
I have a file wchich contains informations about LATTITUDE LONGTITUDE and ALTTITUDE and I want do import this points to blender to create a topology terrain (and next it make a DEM map).
This is ss of this file:

There is
Maybe you know how to do that, maybe plugins or any other way.

Hum, I think you won’t like my solution, but it seems relatively easy to write a little python script to import your data.
I’d say relatively because for someone who know Python and blender API it will take a few hours, if it’s your first script it will be a bit of a challenge. But still I think it’s really doable if you’ve got a bit of time to invest.

There are lot of python tutorial, try to google things like “reading a text file in python” , “blender python mesh creation tutorial” ect…

If you’re totally new to python it may take a few days, you can look for someone to write it for you if you’re on a tight schedule.