TD Saki bot!!

I rendered this earlier, want to know how it’s taken…

ment to be cartoony, TD Saki bot

I like!

Was it rendered with yafray or internal?

i like as well !!

very nice,
i am proberly wrong, but looks like a yarfay render to me

they are cartoony, i think there cool


Cool design! ‘One on the house!’ :smiley:

The bump on the tires does not work for me. Besides I think that it’s too much blurred, but I guess you want to show him like his customers see him after a few drinks, right? :wink:

Very interresting design and colors, but the dof is useless IMO. It’s supposed to be focused on your subject.
keep it up.

Nice modeling work, I like the dof in there and the grain.

Very nice modeling. You should make the wheels less shinier, it looks like they are also made of metal. I think it would look realy nice if you put in a real enviroment by using a angmap. Let me know if you did it.

Ignore the grain is horrible if AO increase samples if yafray turn on Cache