Hi there, here is my latest work with Blender. Rendered in Cycles and post in Gimp…

Fantastic. Very nicely done.

Characters are awesome. They remind me of Pat and Mat (if you get the reference) a little bit. Maybe add some low poly cars on the ground.

Brilliant work. The characters are bursting with life. A very fun piece.

Amazing work! I love the expressions on the character’s faces.

I love this picture! That is a great idea! I especially like the guy with the mustache. It kind of reminds me of the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland :wink:

Awesome man, your characters are pretty well done. Verry cartoonish style

very silly… i like it…

Wow this one is really good, it’s like a movie Poster

Lovely characters, great image. It reminds me of my time spent in Istanbul :wink:

Awesome. Great to see some really fun non-photorealistic scenes, nice for a change up. Great stuff!

5* amazing work!!!

Thank you guys for your comments… I mainly focused on Characters and tried to make a funny-crazy athmosphere. I didn’t spend much time for background and details. I’m still lack of experience. But, after I saw your replies I added some low poly cars and buildings…

Here is the old version: