Tea Party

Except for the fireflies behind the honey - and at 5000 passes for pete’s sake - I can’t see anything entirely wrong with this.

So that’s why I am asking for some critiquing.

From the title I expected a more formal table set up… Table cloth, napkins, that sort of thing. This appears to be a random assortment of tea dishes and utencils, except for the glass jar of honey, which seems to be out of place.

The individual pieces are well modeled and textured, but as a scene, well, it just seems random.

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That was the intent. The scene is based off of a 1600s painting that I have seen many times over as a child at my grandmother’s. I happened to see it again on google while looking for some stiff life paintings and decided why the heck not.

Also one would have to define tea party. It’s got a different concept world round - as everyone / culture has a different idea. I could say “tea party” and that could be dolls and stuffed toys as would be considered acceptable to any girl child.

And what would I base it off of? Afternoon tea? High Tea? Or tea with a meal as brits of lower class used to do. Another tea variety found outside of British/UK mentality? All of that has different expectations and for that matter if you follow tradition not even the same foodstuff would be served.

It’s a lot more complex than “tea party” if you know the history.

It’s not so simple as saying tea party and having certain expectations hence why I didn’t go with any expectations.

This is a duplicate/copy of a painting? would be interesting to see the original. My first thought (well two) is that more lighting is needed, but also such a wonderful job of modelling and texturing. The wall, simple as it may be, is great - good texture on it.
It is a random composition.
Are those cookies on the plate near the center of the table?
The table could use something - table cloth or ?? Seems to be a solid piece of ?

What sort of critique are you looking for, then? If you think everything is fine, then post in finished projects.

If you want to know how close you have come to duplicating a painting, then post a link to the painting and put that kind of request in your first post.

Using the word ‘party’ in connection with tea implies, in any culture, several people sitting around a table drinking tea, maybe eating, maybe not. The height of the table may vary (in Japan, the ‘table’ is sometimes a designated spot on the floor). In the case of young children, the other people may be stuffed animals or dolls, sure, but the idea is still the same. Admittedly, you’ll find different accessories if you are doing High Tea vs. afternoon tea or a Japanese tea ceremony or tea as taken in an Indian household, but to blow off honest critique because there are choices you haven’t made is disingenuous.


The modelling and texturing look good, but my first thought was that it’s way too dark. You can increase the exposure in the Film panel and you may not even need to add or increase any lights.

For the fire-flys you can try setting the clamp to 5 and filter glossy to 0.5 and I expect you wouldn’t need anywhere near so many samples. Although that won’t help with the caustics being cast on the table through the honey, if that is what you are referring to, but cycles doesn’t render caustics very quickly.