Tea Time

This is a modified version of a scene I made as a candidate for the new LuxRender example scene. This one is much higher res, has more fuzz particles on the towel, and an environment map. The HDRI was made by dougal2 (the luxblend25 guy), it’s in his kitchen. :smiley:

Rendered with Lux 0.8dev (RC3-ish), tweaked a little in Photoshop. You can get it bigger(1920x1080) here: http://J-the-Ninja.deviantart.com/art/Tea-Time-206616819

Materials and everything looks so perfect but only that is not so good for me is that I can’t understand that layout. There is 3 mugs filled with tea and only one different kind of mug maybe for that other liquit that is in the other can. (or is it empty?) Only 2 spoons… etc.

The glass can looks that it is filled and the tea in the mugs is from some other can that is not visible in the picture.