Tea Time

Tea Time
Blender 2.69
Hello everyone, recently I’m updating my portfolio and this is one of the jobs I did,was based on a photo from pinterest
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My Portfólio http://www.behance.net/juliocezarpires

Man that silk sim is beautiful and the deformation around the rim of the cup really sells it.
Excellent work. :yes:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed

Well done! The tea cup and cloth are very realistic. I can notice that metalic object between the tea cup and the teapot (I don’t know what it’s called, :o) has kind of a harsh bump. But overall good work man!

pretty well done, the silk and the cup are just marvelous. Great using of shaders. The only point that you should add is a wall from the cup to the background with a defocus to increase the dynamic aspect of the pic. (apologies for my bad english)

Thanks for your comment,There cup at a thickness,but for some reason it is not visible,must be something related to shader

Beautiful work of art! Good job!

Thanks man.

wow, nice materials, id u make textures yourself?

Thanks for your feedback,some textures are the cgtextures.com others I found on google​ images