Tea time


(sempervirent) #1

I was looking for an picture to hang in my kitchen, but didn’t find any, so I made one.

Hope you’ll enjoy.

(szachimat) #2

Nice work. Reminds about windy, short, autumn afternoons.

Only smoke simulation doesn’t look exactly like real one (too detailed or too transparent). Also I think if there are bigger drops of water on top part of glass, then here should be less smoke (or these big drops should be a lot smaller if you want to keep more smoke). But it is just my opinion, my thoughts. Overall, very nice work.

(sempervirent) #3

Thanks for your opinion. Smoke is unpredictable, so… Maybe I’ll try to take a photo of similiar mug with hot tea inside, and see how it looks.

(Cherry) #4

A really nice one, moody :slight_smile:
And, about that steam… I know it may sound like “not doing it like a pro 3D artist”, but I’d suggest to just paint it over the render in postpro.

(Erik Selin) #5

pure awesomeness, just love the colors! I bet your kitchen will have a nice color scheme and composition as well! ^^

(Ghasemmollahasa) #6

Great work!
Everything are great light,shader,look,etc

(sempervirent) #7

Thank you for all comments, I’m very pleased. :slight_smile:
@thurines - unfortunately I’m renting an apartment, so it is not 100% my color scheme and composition, but I like it anyway :wink:

For the smoke/steam - I found opinions about it vary a lot - somebody thinks it is a proper steam for a very hot liquid, somebody thinks it is a smoke from a heavy fire… I made hot tea recently in a similiar mug like this one in the render, and found out the steam is really wild and kinda look like this on render. So - it depends on the point of view. :slight_smile:

(Marc Driftmeyer) #8

Beautiful work. The only way I can see the ``smoke’’ or to be physically correct, controlled cyclonal steam is to not use a Cube, but either a conic or Tubular controlled vortex for the smoke to more naturally dissipate with highest density at the source to the lowest at it’s outer most region.

That would require improving the smoke subsystem with Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer actually being correct.

(emu) #9

Steam above a cup of tea is something I can watch for ages. Or actually, until the tea cools down.
Good luck with the simulation, it’s gonna be tough :wink:

Anyway, it’s an awesome image, and I love your reasoning.

(kentran) #10

A great wall picture!

(Thanos_) #11

Gives me the feeling of autumn, plus i love tea so imagining the smell of such a nice cup is mentally stimulating. Good work!

(rombout) #12

I think the meniscus, edge of the liquid touching the glass, needs to be a bit more visible. Looks to tiny know :slight_smile:

(sempervirent) #13

Thank you all!

@rombout - thank you for your suggestion, next time I’ll try to improve that. But for now may it be as it is - on the wall it won’t be recognizable as bad meniscus :slight_smile: Eventually, it’s not a photo, so small imperfections are fine :slight_smile:

(crowdthefactory) #14

I love how the light plays on the glass. The only thing I’d say is maybe tone down the dust size. They look more like grains of sand, hah

(Emrie) #15

This is so beautiful and inspiring! The lighting and the atmosphere is just right and i love the little details with the glass and tea :slight_smile: Just starting with Blender and continuously surprised how people can make such amazing things with it!

(sirseko) #16

Great work! The white particles seems a little overkill.

(Peter.k) #17

Nice work. Reminds me of sweden, everyday, all day, 24/7, all year. Ok, starting to get depressed now. Anyway, nice work!

(sempervirent) #18

I revive this topic because the picture on my wall (which I made in Blender some time ago) got reeaaaally dark so I needed to print it again. So, I also had to improve my render. I added some caustics based on Gleb Alexandrov’s tutorial and more light to balance dark areas.