Teacher banned blenderartists?!

For some odd reason, my drafting teacher has banned me from using blenderartists in class!! She says “We’re here to work, not play!”

does anyone else find it weird that the teacher banned me from this website, when my assignment is 3d animation and modeling?

EDIT: In this class, I (as well as afew other students) do not follow the regular curriculum… We are in the “Animation” part of the class (i used quotation marks because officially there is no animation class). The teacher usually lets us do ourown projects and only checks out what we’re doing once in awhile. And I use blenderartists for ideas and references as well as inspiration… The critique on the stuff I post helps alot. Up until now it has been a really useful resource in class.

Ask her to just ban you from offtopic…

Only use it when she’s not looking. :wink:

You are there to work, not play. Use Blender Artists in the 23 hours per day you are not in her class. She’s not suggesting that you not use the site for educational purposes. She’s saying that she wants your attention in her class. That’s her job.

Because not all school going people are able to resist the distractions posed by social sites, administrators of school networks are somewhat forced to ‘carpet bomb’ your freedoms. If you are in drafting class I imagine you are doing either manual drawing or some form of AutoCAD? Just to keep the peace you might want to smile politely and use the software they think you should be using, will save you from hassle and let you concentrate on your education.

What you do at home is your own business.

Weird indeed.
Cant believe that your teacher banned this website.

I do not dothe mechanical drawings… I teach myself. I litterally have my own office and work on my own projects during the class. She has re-worked the class for a few of us so that we can do 3d animation and such. So she never needs our attention or to teach us because she doesn’t know how to use blender…

Although now that NOCTI testing is over, she may lighten up a bit… She gets a little tense around the NOCTI time…

Schools basically lock down the internet for a good reason. Because most people have the attention span of a walnut on crack. They know this, so they make the (healthy) assumption that you are the same. Statistically, it makes sense.

Technically, BA is not an “Educational” website. So I am not surprised that they locked it. As long as Vimeo is available along with Blender Cookie and Blender Nerd, you can learn plenty from the internet.

Probubly a good thing. You can come on here whenever you like when your not at school. Use your free time/study time at home to find inspirational work to study or ask questions about problems. When your at school, actually work on it.

I ban myself from visiting forums when Im at uni. Makes for a more productive day, forums can drain a lot of time quickly.

It isn’t blocked, the teacher just wont let me get on here… I’m on today because all the seniors are gone and there’s only like 5 of us here. It isn’t like I spend the entire class on here, I just post something once in awhile…