Teacher for simple modelling


Sorry for my simple english :slight_smile:

I’m a beginner in blender from Hamburg, Germany.
I’ve got a job with the following description:

I would like to model some „forms“ (molds) for liquorice candy – about 20 different sorts. I want to print these liquorice with 3D-technique as mockups. So this is a kind of creative-process and I can’t completly source it out. I want to do it myself.

I’ve got a little experience in modelling with blender but in this case I don’t knwo how to …
I’ve got illustrations created in Illustrator and I would like to import in blender an extrude them.
So, I did’nt got the time for practicing day after day to realise this job.

Is there anybody out there, who can give me some instructions how to do? Maybe via TeamViewer-Session …

I don’t want this lesson for free. Please help. It’s urgent …

Thanks for your message.

hello! pm sent!

PM Was sent!
Thank you for the opportunity!