Teacher need helps with rigging-HELP!

Hi Blender support - I’m a teacher in nj with a blender problem - hopefully you can help me and my students out. I was watching your secondary action rig so perhaps you can help us out.
We need assistance for the following
-How to make the hands move.
-How to add the inverse kinematics and to make the character move more fluently with the inverse kinematics.
What’s also is attached is a picture of what my students have been working on lately.
Thank you very in advance.

In order to make the hands move, most likely you will need a armature rig for that part of the body. IK is good, but you also need Forward Kinematics to make it work as well. When it comes to animation, its best to use both. Due to the fact that this is your first post, the image that you have tried to display is not available for view.

Please respond with a different post and post the image if you can.

Also, can you post the link to the secondary rig?