teaching Blender, 2.49b or 2.5 series?


I’m going to start soon some Blender introductory courses, and although I “promised” that we’ll start using Blender 2.5 extensively, reading this thread I fear my own words.

In a nutshell, it talks about several performance issues and lack of basic tools on blender 2.5

I think there are great artists (i.e. Sintel team) using Blender 2.5 and that the app is going more and more mature… but according to what I read here, some people tells that we shouldn’t expect any reasonable matureness of blender 2.5 until, say, a year from now.

I’m not talking about commercial production readiness, and slight changes to the interface wouldn’t bother me and I don’t think they shouldn’t either my students. I’m talking about readiness as a decent 3D app.

So mesh tools and so is something that I expect from any decent 3D app. For what I used blender 2.53 (not so much, but enough i think) it not seems to be unable to do what a beginner could do with on this topic. Model basic shapes, apply materials, place and set lamps, create renders with reasonable times. Some people, however, seems not going to agree on this.

Perhaps I’m not aware of some unsolved issues in Blender 2.5, or other reasons that others could argue. What do you think about formal teaching Blender with 2.5 versions?

Thanks for your advice!

2.53 is pretty stable but you have to use the latest SVN build where more and more bugs are getting fixed.

You have to teach 2.53 because 2.49b is going to obsolete very soon. What is the use of teaching something that is not going to be the standard Blender software from here on.

2.53 is a very capable piece of software - being in beta now bug fixes are all that’s left before the stable release. I agree with temujin - if you’re okay with constantly updating your software I’d recommend going with the SVN, but if not 2.53 shouldn’t give you too many problems - I’ve been using and teaching Blender 2.5 since alpha 0 and haven’t run into any huge issues.

No question about it, go with 2.5… period. There’s already plenty of training material for it and I’ve done just about everything with it

Hi guys,

thanks for your advices!

this may help?

i use the 2.5x for teaching video editing and 3d animation, my students are aware about the beta release and they accepted to take the risk to crach sometime ( they do save every 5 min. that’s it !)

we are all waiting the stable release, but we must practice on a close version ! teaching 2.49 is non-sense now, on my point of view !


Just to throw a spanner in the works, I would teach 2.49 if the choice was up to me. Training on 2.5 is possible, working with 2.5 is possible. I was part of the ‘Sintel’ team so I’ve got a decent idea of where it is currently at, or at least where it was at the end of July from an artists perspective.

Learning a 3D app is very daunting, for many people at least. The idea then is to make the learning as stress free as possible, software stability (crashes) and predictability (features / ui maintaining consistency) playing a decent sized part in that. Features will always change and all software is more or less bound to crash at some point, but my advice would still be 2.49. The choice is obviously up to you and your class so long as you are prepared to deal with 2.5.

I taught a blender workshop using 2.53 recently and… well… it was fine, though you do need to explain that it can crash quite a bit still. If you have a class full of people working with 2.5 it’s rather clear how buggy it still is. We got quite a few crashes every day.

That said, it’s clear to me that 2.5 is a LOT nicer for beginners than Blender 2.4 (and before) ever was.

So for me, unless people request 2.49, I will definitely go for 2.5 again in the future.

macouno’s certainly done more teaching than I have (also on ‘Sintel’ team), take his word for it then. :slight_smile:

I would teach them both since they are almost identical. Since 2.5 is a wip not due to be complete for a while and missing some functionality, I would start with 2.49, it’s stable, familiar, and almost everything learned in 2.49 will pretty much apply in 2.5.


thanks all your responses. Probably I will teach mainly 2.5 going back from time to time to 2.49b to show what is the same on both, and what 2.49b does still better than 2.5.