Teaching Blender for Poor children school

Hi guys…
I am planning to start a Blender class for a Government High School students. The duration will be for 1 year. After that i will have them make a short movie and submit to any film festival. These students studying in Government running schools can’t afford that amount of money to learn animation here in Bangalore. It costs around Rs.65,000/- for 6 months course and up-to Rs.6,00,000/- for 3 years course. I am interested in doing classes them for free. I have good experience of teaching previously from past 5 years. I was teaching 3dsmax, combustion and as such.

What do you guys think. Is this gonna workout? In a year can i make about 20 students to do a small animated movie?

Go for it! :wink:

this is a very good idea! If they learn enough in 1 yeard depends on your teaching and their interest of course. But when they are interested and have fun learning it, i am sure they can do a short movie after 1 year.

Again, this is a very kind idea of yours teaching them for free. :yes:

And keep up the work on your blog, the images are really cool!

Good on you!!!

I teach programmes occasionally to students who tend to be the opposite end. I know I would not have been able to have afforded expensive courses when I was younger.

One of the main attractions to me about Blender is that it is accessible to everyone.

Would them making the movie be part of that one year, or would it be a year of training then a year of movie making? If all in the one year, I would split it something like the following:

1st half of the year - 70% 3D basics. (You know the drill on that from the sound of things.) 30% concept art, story ideas, script, storyboards etc.

2nd half of the year - 30 to 40% on more advanced 3D depending on the film. Some simulation / physics stuff maybe, that sort of thing if the students are ready for it. Otherwise, more general teaching specific to what their film idea needs. The rest of the time towards the film itself.

There was a secondary school in Australia that got some funding for students to make a Blender film with teacher and industry guidance.

http://www.blendernation.com/highschool-movie-project-fourteen-frets-faith/ - article on that project.

I think it can work, so long as you keep the whole thing maintainable. 1 minute 30 to 2 minutes or so should be plenty for the film so as to not push them too hard in their first year of 3D. All the best with the idea!

thanx for your suggestions guys… I too was not able to afford learning 3d in those days. And in my studio i am teaching a student for free from the same type of school who doesn’t know proper english. I am happy with his interest and whatever i teach he gives good output. And holds good creativity. I think the persons from poor class are more keen in learning and have immence tallent. This kind of thing made me to teach free for them. A proper Government school will have about maximum of 4-8 computers. (in which i am not sure how many of them are working, as there is no proper maintenance and recently they have stopped paying salary for computer teachers. they are charging Rs.300 per head for students. So disgusting government) I will take a demo class this year, (need to see the response of the children and there ability).

I need more indepth curriculum like how can i teach them to make a short animated movie? Like i am planning to teach a group of 10 students only modeling and texturing and another group about rigging-animation and another group rendering-lighting-compositng and some group editing-screeplay-sound-directing and as such…

I am Delhi and presently in class 8 of VishvaBhariti. I have been using blender from past 1 year seriously to model and do things, edit family videos and what not.
I am good in the modelling front and have a growing library of selfmodel, elephants, hippo, cartoon style donkeys and a lots and lots of cars and dragons/dinos etc.
I may use them to create a one minute short film.
I also do some clay modelling.

I want to assure you that it is not easy to handle boys (I being one). You cannot just divide the work load and teach some this and some that.
You first have to give them time to play with their desire. In time they will pick up the things they enjoy doing and you can slot jobs based on what they enjoy from there.

Nevertheless I like what you want to do and would like to contribute in any manner that suites you.
I also think that the second semester is around the corner, so the best time is either now upto dipavali and then from March end to the end of summer vacation.
If any boy flunk/fail, their parents will find a suitable boy in you to blame, they never question their own responsibility’s, it is always someone else’es fault, They will be quick to blame you and they don’t care whether you are doing them a great favour or building pathways for great carrier opportunities because education may not always get you a living, but being a good animator and a solid grounding in filmmaking will certainly do. People are quite short-sighted when it comes to their child I suppose. Atleast at this stage.
So you have to tread softly here.

I suggest that you start by giving them models to play with in Blender, let them play with the camera, lights and render things.
You can then teach them simple modelling skills, animation (nothing fancy) bones, armature, again (nothing fancy, no complex IK) and render out simple animations. A boy riding a donkey, watching a bird fly etc. (I can provide the model of the bird, donkey and the boy if you want)
There is a good book animating from start to finish a short film, something like that, You can use that as a template, may be the author may even help you out.

Hew i’m in delhi too…

Thats a great initiative you have taken. I wish i were there to help you out…
Looking for more updates as you start your project!!

A suggestion… a month or two of sketching would help them a lot and will make understanding 3d easier.

All the best for your project!


What the other guys said, a lot of 3D basics. I’d say the first 75% of the class spent on 3D literacy, and then the last 25% making the films. I’d also put in a variety of requirements to focus on completion, rather than beauty; they shouldn’t be diving heavily into complex rigging, particles, or expensive rendering. Additionally, to emphasize completion I’d require their films to be under 2 minutes.

What age range are you looking at? I taught a group of 5th graders a while back; it was really fun, although I found you have to scale back the definition of “basics” for their age range. Case in point, we had to start with lessons in Cartesian coordinates to supplement 3D basics :stuck_out_tongue:

max respect to you good sir.

hope all goes well, but even if it dosent they will still have an awesome experience.

Hey…nice to meet you Mohan! I’m from India too, Kerala. Glad to see you taking such an initiative.

What I am asking is, you’re just teaching Blender to a class or are you making a class of students interested in Blender?

Shashu> happy to hear from an 8th grade students. Your point of view is very much important for me as i am gonna teach this age group students itself. I will take your point. I know the mentality of Indian parents. Don’t worry.

ankit_pruthi> I will include my team mate to teach sketching for students.

ogbog> Students age range would be 12-15 years. Yeah the duration of the movie will be within 5 mins.

AdobeMan> thanx :slight_smile:

saratdear> I am using Blender as other software are commercial and you know what i mean. Actually software isn’t important. I want to expose the art of Animated movie making using open source software for them. I will also be teaching cinelerra, Ardour, gimp in these sessions.