Teaching Blender on adult education center - instructor license needed?

(Why are my topic names always so long :D)

Hello everybody,

I could definitely need some extra money because you know … the salary of a trainee isn’t that high ;). So I got the idea: “Hey, why not teach Blender basics at the closest adult education center.”

Now I have one question left before I can go to the school and catch upon if teaching Blender basics would be possible: Do I need a instructor license for this? There is some instructor license for teaching Blender, I know but maybe it’s just for real academic studies?

It’s not like I want to make a big deal of it. Just a little extra cash. But what if I need such a license. Do I have to make the BFCT test at the Blender Foundation Institute? I guess I would be spending more money on the flight/test than I would earn ^^.

(I know I could just go to the school, ask about teaching and nobody would ever know it. I’m just a honest person :D.)

The Certified Blender Instructor isn’t a requirement to teach blender, it just gives potential students more confidence in your abilities and might help you when you advertise.


Thanks that’s all I needed to know :)!

What LetterRip said applies to many applications and not only Blender. I work at TD College and we had an increase in interest and enrollments in our RealFlow course once we had advertised a certified RealFlow instructor is working for us (and wrote the course). If your courses go well (based on student feedback) it wouldn’t hurt to look into becoming a BFCT. It helps both the Foundation and yourself in the long run.

+1 I’m not a BFCT but I’ve given a few seminars and one is still coming up.

Definitely agree with certification helping, but it’s not a must have, per say.
Mind you unless the school is specifically looking for a 3D/Blender(especially) trainer,
it won’t probably be easy to convince them to hire you, and even if they are,
the cert. definitely gives them confidence that your the right pick, if you will.

Knowing is not Teaching. The certification process helps you cross from just knowing Blender to being able to teach it. I would recommend it. and yes, I am one.

Could you concretize this? In which way does the certification process help people to be able to teach it? Is it like a course where you also get advice for good teaching methods or what exactly do you mean?

To be honest I’ve been always a good trainee teacher when it comes to topics I’m really passionate about. So if it’s just about knowing what to teach: I don’t need this in my opinion I have a good feeling for teaching stuff in an uncomplicated way.

I’d really like to get an insight from you how the whole certification process is going on.

to get the BFCT you need to elaborate some tutorials, proving that you have some teaching skills… i agree with the above poster- knowing is not teaching, there is one thing to have the skill, and another to deal with students… in my opinion you should consider a BFCT on a long term… depending of your skills. why not? until then, put up some portofolio page and maybe some video tutorials, i don’t know…