teaching blender

At UW-Stout I am going to teach Blender next semester as part of the Advanced Presstech class for industrial design and interior design students.

I also will teach Rhino and Sketchup. Rhino is more for ID and Sketchup for interior.

The plan is to let them do texturing, animation, and rendering inside blender and yafray.

Fantastic! You know about the (tufts?) university class/syllabus available, eh? And there’s another HS teacher James Chronister who made a book BlenderBasics. good luck with it!

I wish you the best of luck. Do you teach at the university level for a living? What level of 3d ability do these students have? Approximately what year are they in college(freshman, softmore, etc)? The Blender Basics books are very good at helping a student understand Blender.

Here is the link:

I’ve been teaching Blender and Wings3D(among other programs) for 5 years. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

they all passed the presentation techniques class and know how to draw interiors and products in perspective with markers. i will teach those drawings skills as well with a focus on refining them. most students know a bit about rhino and sketchup but they are not pros in it of course. they are mainly juniors and after two or three semester after my class getting their BFA.

blender will not play a major part because Blender cannot replace rhino but maybe with sketchup blender can have a higher importance.

i will see, i never taught that class.

  1. Explain why Blender&Yafray are different, and why they should be used not only because are free (as in a free beer).
  2. Teach organic modelling before non-organic modelling.
  3. Teach how to make good and neat low poly before making high-poly.
  4. Focus on the pre production work.
  5. Focus on artistic skills.
  6. Take always the generalistic approach if possible, in the sense that the things you teach can be applied to any 3D software.
  7. Many CG techniques are based on traditional artistic techniques, such as lighting and rendering. Include mentions to them in your lessons.