Teaching Challenge in UPBGE and BPY programming. Are you a teacher or an instructor?

There are teachers. Then there are instructors.

A teacher will show a student how, why, where, when, what, and who about a topic knowing the student is ignorant of the facts of what is being taught.
An instructor gives a representation of knowledge already known that needs to be addressed to a student that knows the hows, whys, wheres whats and whos.

So, here’s my Challenge:

Can your teach someone to understand BPY or UPBGE Coding (must not be a simple or basic task) that is not known either with a video (no more than 2 hours in length), a Web site with a detailed tutorial, or both.

Or will you be just another instructor with a 30min or less YouTube video that instructs with the thought that those who view it already know what you are trying to show?

The reward?

The recognition you have the skills it takes to teach others and the gratitude of all that view your teachings.
The bragging rights of being a real teacher.
Plus my thanks for being an awesome person and mentor.

So, do you thing you have what it takes to teach?

Ok, game on.
Show everyone what makes you the best and lets see if you can either teach…
or just instruct.

Are you up for it?


*** Note:
Please refrain from being rude please.
Be fair to others.
This Challenge is for fun and bragging rights.

Let’s have some fun teaching and being taught.***

For those participating… I thank you :slight_smile: