Teaching/Class Outline Needed

(mthoenes) #1

I am teaching a 17 week class (1 hour/week) about 3D Modeling and Animation using Blender Creator 223.

If anyone has done this or would like to make suggestions, I would appreciate it. I got some good ideas from the Outlines for the Video Tapes offered at www.Blendedplanet.com, I am also considering getting these for use by the students. No doubt I would learn something as well (Anyone have these?). I am also familiar with most of the well known Blender tutorials. I just need to get organized.

With only 1 hour per week, the students will have to do a lot on thier own and I plan to direct them to a lot of web sites especially since the availability of the 2.0 Guide is scarce.

I will take what I learn through this process and post it online for the benefit of those interested.


(pannomatte) #2

Hi I just wrapped up a 12 week workshop and the outline is here. I had varying degrees of sucsess due to l equipment limitations and some other factors but otherwise it went well. I amassed a good teaching rescource and want to rework it a bit but feel free to use it here:
http://home.swbell.net/pannomat/lab2k01.html Hit home and theres more stuff as well. Good luck.
Daniel Jircik

(Grizzly69) #3

I learned about the 3d graphics arena from using 3DSMax. I no longer had access to 3DSMax and found blender. What really helped in learning to use blender is knowing the terminology associated with 3d graphics in general. Like knowing what a mesh is, or knowing what a bezier curve was. Maybe a short lesson in terminology and common phrases used in the industry (simple example… what is rendering).