Teacup & Saucer

I’m fairly new to blender and this is my first attempt at making a realistic image (as well as my first post). Any comments are greatly appreciated!


good first effort:D

modeling looks good, saucer has nice edge detail

a little too much reflection, the eye is drawn to the reflection and away from the piece

blend on!:smiley:

I have to agree with lilo about the reflections, but for a newbie this is very impressive. Better than my stuff when I first started out! I think the tea itself needs a bit of texture though. I’m not saying cordouroy or anything, but it needs some “wateriness”. I’d personally extrude inwards in rings a few times and alternately move each ring inwards and outwards (ie up and down) towards the centre.

I like, I like.

Ps, Nice usage of tea. /english :wink:

Good image. :slight_smile:
But I agree to the two posts over me. Give the tea some nor texture to make it look more like water. And maybe give the cup some reflection and add a photo of a room as a background image. IMHO this will make it look much more realistic.

Keep on blending! :smiley: