Team AIG

Six months ago Appolonius posted on here about a new game team called AIG. Well things being the way they are, we took some time off to improve our skills. Also we have added members to our team, currently we have 7 members.


After alot of planning , we have started on our first game. At the moment we havn’t decided on a title for the game. The current plan for this game is to release it in Chapters, or levels. Once the first is completed we will make it avaliable for download.

AIG will also have a new website up within the week, once online we will post a link to the new page. Currently we have a forum set up at : . Now to the real reason for this post, the first image for our game.


Team Leader


well, the first image looks nice!!
And it’ll be very nice too if you can show us the last!!! :slight_smile:
Keep Blending


Looking really good. Good luck to the team, with so many people surely you should be able to get a lot done.

very niceeeeeeeeeee, but i wanna report appolonius, hes only in it for the chiks…/

how long did it take you to figure that one out, mms? all the guys on the team are only doing it for the girls, but the girls keep making us work! :-? he he

LMAO :stuck_out_tongue: he he! Good luck Tazy and the rest of the team.i can’t wait to play your game.Appolonius,you lucky dog! LOL :wink: :smiley:

looks real dark and spooky! is that a layer of fog if so realy cool. can’t wait to see the first chapter.

why is he the lucky fella!? i’m a guy too ya know!

Sorry Snowy_duck but im taking all the women for my self. selfish? yes, but hey can you blame me :wink:

thanks guys for the comments, and i hope you will get to see the last :wink:

[>] [>] [>] :Z to [!] [!] :stuck_out_tongue: BLENDER! hehehe GJ

just on thing how the hell are you maniging that OO huge poly count in game?

hanso, we use very small scenes so we can add more detail to stuff :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good, i’ve been trying to get decent trees forever without any luck.

Seems weird to have a bridge between 2 cacti, especially when there doesn’t seem to be a way up on one side. What’s up with that?


hey App!

:-? ow darn I was hoping somebody made or implamented some kind of realistic culling. ow well like before great job and OO want to see more…

Ok well let me explain the image some ok. First they are not catus, they are stone pillars that have moss growing on them, along with ‘grime’. Second it is a swamp, strange deadly things live in a swamp, so you don’t want to be walking around in the water. Hence the bridge, also there are alot of game elements that are not shown in that image (I.E. characters). Thanks for all your comments, and we hope to have more images ready for public release soon.

Team Leader

Well almost a week after we thought we would be online, here we are. We have finished uploading what we will call ‘version 1.0’ of the homepage. There are still needed updates, currently only one link on the home page is active, that would be the forums. The website design is completely by me, give me some comments on what you like, or don’t like. Oh and yeah it may load slow, that is one of the upcoming updates. One more thing, there’s a little humor in the site, see if you can find it for a little laugh. Thanks all.

thats funny !

i dont see it :S

hey mms you need to look around the website, you’ll see it, be more observant, alright dude. hehe :wink:

must be a girls joke cuase i don’t see it either…

omg come on people you have to look at it, look at it very closely, every single thing