(rep-re-crea) #1

Just wondering if anyone would wanna form a team and make a game together for the contest…i think its a brilliant idea and that the genres have been very well picked.
I see it as a nice hard challenge!
Anyone interested?
[email protected]

(Abracsis) #2

it ma be a good idea to inform people of what you are good at and reference some of your work.

I’d like to mention im highly drunk at thi point so im not sure if the advice i just gave is worth anthing


(rep-re-crea) #3

i forgot to mention it :wink: I really prefer the design side of things, i did wanna learn python but it seems too tricky.

(rep-re-crea) #4

Well if i don’t submit now i can’t enter…its a last chance to join me.
but would you guys help me out later in the future…if i get stuck???

(doogs) #5

Rep, I’m not there now (but will be a lot), but go on IRC at in an IRC client and join #gameblender … we’ll try our best to help you with any questions, if we’re all idling, idle with us until you get a response :slight_smile:

theres MANY good gameblenders in there trust me.