team awesome 4 live action movie with effects done in blender

Me and a bunch of my friends finally finished our latest movie, team awesome 4. It doesnt have a plot, but its more like a series of skits. its hard to explain so watch for yourself lol

The things I did in blender are:
the star wars ship
the giant worm monster
the earth splitting apart
the t-rex running
the falling pikatchu
the car falling off the cliff

and probably some stuff i’m forgetting at the moment…

(i’m Denny, they introduce me near the end :slight_smile: )

I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

hmm, link not working for me, mind posting for download?(, etc)
thnaks man, look forward to it…

im still watching it, its caching now, man you have a funny crew here, i just saw the introduction very funny, i like the special FX very cool, keep it up, i will coment more after watching the whole movie.

thanks greboide, and free_ality, I dont know why its not working, the link works for me and it seems to work for greboide, I dont have any other links, its only on google videos

That was great, I laughed most for some reason at the pikachu. not the sort of quality to win awards, but it was fun to watch and I hope you guys had lots of fun making it.


very good! i thought it was very funny!

lol, glad you guys like it, it was fun making but we had to cut alot of stuff so we could get it done on time, it was released about a month after we wanted it to

interesting good fx the only thing I think is that it could tone the language down some. But thats just me good job though.

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I know this thread is kinda old but i was wondering on how you got the green paper to have blender stuff or how you did the pikathcu thing…is this in blender?? i am impressed