Team building?

Where would be the best section of the forum to post about possibly building a team of animators to work on one project?

I have recently finished writing a fan movie for the television series Heroes to give the show a conclusion after it was cancelled. From the beginning I knew I wanted the movie to be animated and have only just come across Blender. After looking at a few images and videos I knew it was perfect for the movie. I don’t have Blender yet and won’t until I get a new computer, it would literally kill my current computer.

I was hoping that maybe some Blender users would be willing to animate the movie for me with me giving suggestions and “directing” as it were. I will say now that this is a huge project, the script is over 90 pages long. Sadly I won’t be able to pay anyone for their work, it would have to be volunteers but I would really appreciate it if people were willing to help. Anyone who gets involved would be credited in the film and I could put their details and links to their other works on the movie’s website.

Hi Sylar,
I would be surprised if you received any serious inquiries from this post.

Posts like this pop up frequently, and are often simply ignored or flamed because the person proposing the collaboration doesn’t realise how much effort it takes to create a final product like this. Storyboarding, modeling, rigging, animating, tweaking, lighting, compositing. Can you imagine how it must sound to the poor artist?

“Calling all talented artists.”
“Hurry, hurry hurry, step right up. Invest months of your blood, sweat, and tears creating complex and beautiful images… then hand the rights to me without compensation.”

Despite what many feel, I do believe it’s possible to create a successful online collaboration, but there is a protocol to follow.

Get a working script, storyboard, music, voice talent and production plan in place before pitching your idea to the would-be cg collaboration community. To your credit, at least you’ve got a script, but that simply isn’t enough. Learn blender, and begin creating these assets on your own one at a time, or save up some cash and hire talent to do these things before pitching anything to a would-be cg team.

Like I said, I would be REALLY surprised if you received any serious inquiries from this post, but for what it’s worth I wish you the best regardless.

Good Luck Sylar!