Team creation


I am looking for people who want to combine their talents to create animation or a video game.

Hello, I’ve also been looking for people to work on a hobby basis for now. I can do basic Blender objects and Gimp 2 textures but I’m most fluent with Unity C# programming. I’m willing to work on almost anything. I’m looking to gain experience and someone to help motivate me. If I was supplied characters, objects, rigging and/or animations (the Blender side of things) I believe I could use Unity to further the game development side of things.

My first post, so please bear with my attempt. I have no demos or graphics to share but I’ve been using Unity and Blender for about 5 years.

Hi Lee

If you are a good programmer we can combine our skill tout make a game. I think i am a good 3d artist. I start learn unity. At the beginning the team will count three guys. Me as a modeler,rigger,texturer and animator. You maye be as a programmer?
And a second animator. Can i see some work you made with unity please?

Hi! I would be happy to help with modelling/texturing characters and/or assets as long as it’s ok if I use Maya to do all the work.

This is my portfolio:

From A to Zebra:


  • Uses the 4 different objects (Blue: North Open. Yellow: East Open, Green: Both, Red: neither) to create a maze, there are only 4 states needed. The idea is to either a) build the maze by hand b) autogenerate c) or use a text document to design the maze and load that to create the maze.


  • Simultaneous minigames. The main game is on the left where the user scrolls through a level avoiding bombs and picking up health/point pickups. The right side of the screen is an assortment of minigames. You can switch between the games on the right side or have them chosen by random. The right side helps keep the left side alive.


  • A mass of objects of different types are created, each interacting with eachother differently. Object Type A has a pull towards Object Type B, for instance. Object Type B is repelled by Object Type C…With as many Object Types as you want (not yet coloured) it will autogenerate how the types interact. The objects are thrown randomly into space and you watch them interact.

Music Generator:

  • Right now it writes one riff, four bars. You can choose up to four instruments: Piano, Bass, Drums and Guitar and it will generate a random “song” and repeat it. I know a lot of music theory so there is a lot of potential. For example the hope is a player might be:

  • Sitting in a field watching a butterfly and the music is happy and slow

  • Then you see the butterfly morph into a dragon (or whatever) and the music speeds up and becomes darker

By the end, with just a few lines of code, you can have the music autoadjust (and possibly auto write) based on the situation/atmosphere/characters/scenes…

I’ve replied to the post but it’s been “temporarily hidden”. Maybe because I’m new to the site? (Maybe the pictures?) I guess we have to be patient, sorry for the inconvenience. If it takes too long I can always just send my game summarys or can I email the pictures?