Team For Game?

Im gonna need a team for this game!(or games)I have had many ideas for a game since I was little, Right now, I want to focus on getting a Team together and creating our own Team Productions for the games!The first 2 games i was planning on making is “PewdiePie & The Corridor’s Castle” and (i havent come up with a name for this one yet) a CreepyPasta Game!I need modlers,rig and skinners,python scripters, and anything else i am forgeting…I will be coming up with what happens and maybe help model(i started blender not too long ago, im getting better.)If you want to join the team, just tell me!My 1st subject…Coming up with the production name!


I’m a modeler and I can do Texturing too

AGE: 18 currently

Skill: in modeling well, mid to advanced

Skype: chadack

here is some work i did… above…

thanks for the time if you want my help ill gladly join the group

My email is

[email protected]

and also message me through this site…

Texturing does not mean slap a tileable image onto a model. You need to learn how to use UV maps, baking, and actually doing most object’s own unique texture.

These should help you out.

I like the idea of making textures in game using spray paint…

and then some how collecting that… and having an in game eraser…

Do yourself a favor and never post something like this ever again. I have seen way too many of the projects start out like this one, with someone asking other people if they are willing to join their “project”, only for the leader to give it up and leave all the others out in the dirt. It’s a risk people take for doing things for free. First of all, if you want anybody to join your project, be prepared to have more than a 500 character vague paragraph of what it will look like. As the leader, you must first draw up concept art, lay out design plans, begin preliminary modeling and testing, have a set plot and setting (certainly a running title), and then refer to a team. Don’t waste other peoples time here, especially when you haven’t the proper experience in Blender.

^ kudos @Jake Shadow

I am new to blender also and am planning a re-creation/re-imagining of a OLD fantasy game that i will need some help with but i don’t plan on asking for help until i have a lot of the details worked out and something to show others first.

I have all you describe for my game,

gameplay style
core concepts of style of art
but it all takes time,

my project is a little big for me, so I am willing to hand off some of my side work (rigs, code blocks etc) in the hopes of amateurs with armatures becoming pros with python :), and everyone learning from it,

I have a lot to do with my game, next I am tackling the recyclery, this a 6 chamber machine, that combines components (up to 5) and spits out a new item, weapon, or component

but some of my game is dependent on other pieces, so as it emerges the whole project solidifies,
but what I have already done(past tests etc) might as well propagate on its own and grow and change…

This is why each project needs a Google drive, and you can sign a "if I don’t do anything with the game in X months, it becomes open source, auto-magically, so if I die in a fire… etc…