Team Fortress 2 Animation

I’m currently working on a TF2 animations and I thought why not start a thread.
I managed to successfully import the blend shapes from the DMX models (with a little help)

And these are the first results:

Kind regards. :slight_smile:

looks great
looking forward to more updates

Animation looks great! looking forward to more.

This animation is awesome, want more :wink:

I managed to get most of his facial rig working. For some reason the blend shapes I converted are very generic and I might have to split up the shape keys so that I can control both the left and right side of his face instead of it all together.

Uh oh. Anyone know how to fix his feet? I’m new to rigging etc. working on my own control rig.

Hm, interesting. Send me a blend file [email protected] i will check it out!! i bet, something wrong with bone constraints…

The left and right foot IKs are exactly the same afaik.
There should be an easy solution.

Something wrong with transformation. Will be faster if i take a look and explain what was wrong! Or message me on skype: chekolian.siarhei

Thanks for helping me figure out the issue with the feet, chekolian. :slight_smile:
I didn’t re-render the lip sync test with the changes though. So you’ll have to do with this ‘gold’. :wink:

Only the first seconds are pretty much interesting to you guys I guess.