Team looking for 3D Modeler

[INDENT=9]About Us:

We are a small indie studio in the present development of our first PC based title. Firestorm Studios is presently located in Seattle, Washington. One of the two founders and lead producer (myself), comes from years of experience in Project Management with the private as well as in the armed forces. I have also been involved in the game industry for the past five years working on titles such as Starcraft II (and respective expansions Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void), Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.

We do have a NDA and a contract for individuals to sign to not only protect the studio and IP (Intellectual Property), but also the individuals involved on the title at obtaining/receiving monetary aspects once the game is on the market as well as crowd funding.


The game itself will be a PC game with the feature of a Top/Down view while combining RTS/MOBA genres together.

It is a little difficult to state the exacts without any NDA’s unfortunately. The game itself will be of a military nature. Overall aspects, will be a 3v3 set out in present day military aspects/units. The feature of combining a RTS with MOBA features benefits not only the game, but also the market especially when the game is driven by the RTS factors.

[INDENT=8][B]What We Need/Have:

At the present time, we have three programmers that have been on the development of the title, audio engineer and a lead artist. I have the GDD established which will outline any and all features, units, infrastructures, etc… We do not have a full-time 3D Modeler which is something that we require and the concept pieces for modeling to take place.


The 3D Modeler will need to have experience with Military (personnel, vehicles, aircraft) as well as Asset Creation/Migration and if possible, Animation/Rigging.

[INDENT=8][B]What’s In It For You:

As stated, you would have a contract which will outline that you will receive compensation from sales of the game once released, as well as, a percentage of the crowd funding (kickstarter) funds that are raised from the total amount. IE if $100k is raised, you would receive a percentage of 100K. Additionally, the game itself will be submitted to the Independent Games Festival and if any award money is received, you would receive an even split of the earnings as well.

[INDENT=9][B]We Will Succeed:

As said, I have worked with Blizzard Entertainment for the past 5 years. In addition, I was a professional Starcraft player in Starcraft Brood War, a Grandmaster player in Starcraft 2, and have played at a high level in other games (Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Unreal Tournament). I am involved in a variety of communities to include TeamLiquid, Reddit, GosuGamers and so on. I read what the communities want, what they’d like to see and how improvements can be made.

For this reason, We are consumers just as they are. We only want to produce a high level quality game, with maximum replay value for the casual as well as competitive gamers. We have a tremendously sound business model for deployment, have the games future already planned out for the next 2 years after deployment to include an expansion, game balance and a continuous review of the game and the players.

[INDENT=6][B]You can be a vital part of this game and its future!

[INDENT=10][B]Contact Us:

Feel free to reach out to me directly on the Forums either as a reply to the thread or through Private messaging/conversation or send me an email at either tidusx99 (at) hotmail (dot) com and/or athibodeau (at) firestormstudios (dot) net.

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