Team looking for Jr.Programmer/s , Concept artist/s & 3d modelers

Hello Forum members,

My name is Ty and my team is looking for more people to join our project We are now a month into the project and we have a lot of exciting new developments. Our programmers are working hard in bringing the game to life With this said we are still looking for few more talented people.

Art department:

  • Jr. Concept artist/s ( of all levels )
    We currently have a lot of concept art and we are looking to increase as we continue to develop the game.
  • Sr. 3d modeler/s
    (characters - 2000-2500 poly hand drawn texture, fantasy. Creatures at 300-450 poly same style)
    *we have concept art created to assist with the creation.

Programmers department:

  • Jr. programmer/s (mainly Ui and game mechanics skills in the game that need to be created (heal-damage ect)) *we have concept art for the games and ui to guide you with the creations.
    *C# basics to intermediate level
    *knowledge of C++ at an basic to intermediate level
    *Basic knowledge of mechanics like Game State management, com model, singletons, inheritance and C# interfaces
    *A willingness to learn new api’s and even help build new ones

Little bit about the game:
It is a 5 v 5 fantasy style brawler with a unique story line that is both competitive and fun. 3d

At the end of this project we would like to release this as a Pc Game, any profits from this will be shared. upon joining the team you will sign an NDA and Profit share agreement.

We use Trac (PM), Skype,VCS, Bit (source-tree) and Dropbox to stay organize/connected.

I am best to contact over Skype: koeanilo1
or email [email protected]

Thank you

hi im interested in your project
im a 3d modeller