team looking for some coders and texture artists

hey guys, im posting on behalf of a team im working with from a couple forums on a game

the game is a go-kart style racing game, sort of like mario kart if you will

were looking for some people to help us out with texturing and coding, coding especially

were hoping to take the game to a multiplayer level, online play, this is the aim of the game, to take it online multiplayer

if anyone is interested and available to help us out then please let me know, weve got a little forum going to discuss everything on the subject, heres the link:

if you follow this next link, you will be able to view some screen shots of existing work for the game, just so you get an idea of what were working with
the theme is toony, a fun game, low poly, gives it a retro feel

so please, if anyone is available and interested, sign up on the Blender Projects forum and go to the “Game Projects” section, and make a new thread in the appropriate section you want to help out in

just thought id bump this

were still looking and probably take any help we can get, anyone who can code would be a big help

I am a coder and i will help you PM me if you need me

thank you

retro world