Team members needed urgent!!

Hi there, I’m Graham and I am head of a small team currently working on a playable demo level for my game FEAR OF THE DARK.

And I am in need of a blender animator for character and monster animations.
My main character is nearly finished so the animating is all I need.
i.e. walking, climbing walls, climbing ledges, running and fighting.

Aswell as this I have built a demo level but have no way of texturing it.(still learning and the level is too much to handle at the mo)

The rough story:
post apocalyptic world nearly destroyed by a dark ancient evil.
monsters, ancient gods influenced by evil has taken over the world.
you play as the main character who has been resurrected by 2 desperate men to destroy the dark evil and save the world
your quest takes you all over the world, from rome to norway to niagara falls and finally the whitehouse.
think prince of persia mixed with tomb raider with a blade runner influence.

anybody interested send me a message and I’ll fill in all the details.

I already have members and need someone in the above fields.

Me (Level designer/modeller)
Alex (Props and items modeller)
Oganalp (Music)
Michael (Character Modeller)
Aj (texture artist) but need another to help.
Ryann + Partner (storyboard and concept artist + Script Writer )
Justin (Programmer)

So as you can see We have a good core team, but we do have gaps
hence the need for animators and texture artists.
Any questions Let me know



As far as interest is concerned, It is advisable to post screenshots. Do so, or you have a small chance of getting anywhere on here.


i will do props, i ll be happy to be a small part of this, i can do many things, here is my imgur:

and thats not even all :slight_smile: by the way im 16 my names james, and i really want to be apart of a team :smiley:

hope to hear from you soon

Like your work, very nice, if you are on face book i have a project page on there, send me your email and ill add you.


Hey I would love to help with HUD design if you are using a HUD and basic gun and attachment design if needed.

Hi there, am interested in using a hud, but the view is 3rd person.but if you want to send me your email and some of your work ill get you on board

by the way

small preview of the demo level, still untextured at the mo,
im still learning as i go.!/photo.php?pid=31033329&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=111720128852208&id=1597852505&fbid=1437678914134

all scenes and the character looks too high poly for game engine. Unless this is a reference or created for baking purposes, I would recommend against such high-poly use.

This question is asked by our professor in construction and materials of architecture class.
I also need this team members’ respective roles.

ok well the level ended up being 26000 poly and the character just under 7000. that too much then.

Respective roles??
that all my team members or the ones i need?
Im in need of a Animator and texture artist


by the way you did say i would get anywhere unless i posted screenshots, so there they are,? it shows some work has been done on my project, and im not just talking about doing something,