Team Members Needed

Hello, i am currently working on Starting a Indie Game Studio, Under the name Global Apocalypse Studio’s.

We are Currently looking for Blender Modellers Of Any Skill level, this is to let any new and willing Modellers in on something that most people would deem to advanced for someone who is just learning (We have no complaints with Work that will improve as they learn since this project will be a long term event).

NOTE: This project is using the Unity Engine So if this is in the wrong Forum Section I am sorry, however i did not see a Collaboration Forum for Different Engines other then the Blender Engine And i am currently looking for Blender Modellers for the project.

Information on the Project

Type: Singleplayer/Multiplayer with Backend MMO Setup
Genre: Survival/Horror

History Plot (The Minor Look at the Story that has been deved for this project):

2030: successful cloning of animals discovered by Canada.

2035: Human cloning successful completed again by Canada.

2040: Human cloning is made available to those who can afford it in Canada and America through the Better You Corporation.

2050: Chinese corporation begins research on virus Z as a means of expanding their country into the surrounding area by killing the inhabitants with virus Z.

2057 October 8th: Virus Z is tested under controlled conditions but the test fails and the virus spreads rapidly through the research center. An unexplained explosion occurs infecting an area of 30 miles with an airborne Virus Z.

2057 October 22: All of China is infected by Virus Z and begins spreading to neighboring countries.

2059: Virus Z has spread through most of Europe but has been slow due to European military responses. Even so, the zeds take more ground everyday. Europe’s time looks numbered. North America, South America, and Canada enter into isolation to protect themselves from the over seas virus.

2066: The US Eastern coast is infected from exposed Marines and Navy men from a US cruiser that intercepted an Unknown and exposed South American ship.

2066 June: Midwest Artillery fence is completed and the US East Coast is permanently cut off from the rest of remaining civilization.

Feature Listing can be seen here:

(This List Is a minor look at what is to be detailed in the game - however the major information can be found by Intrest in the project, however the intrest must be sincere and you must be willing to commit to the project).

Any other information that may be needed Can be Asked for on here or within the Forums above under the specific Forum Section (There is also a Recruitment Forum which you can apply within if you want a quick response).

I will check this forum posting every now and again for any posts however answers to this forum may be long coming, since i am still quite busy with programming some of the skeletal work needed for the Games “Guts” so please bare with me.

(All Criticism is accepted and will be catered with respect as long as you dont specificly Flame anything towards me or the project or anyone who may post within this thread, Please think and post civily)

Screens: UPDATED


Concept Art can be viewed here

um, I’m pretty sure we have done SOME successful animal cloning before,
ie: Dolly the Sheep

I don’t think this is right section and I think you can post here, I may be wrong, you can ask a mod. :slight_smile:

I’m modeller , you can see my works in my links :).
If you are interested you can PM

From what i heard the cloning attempts had the animal dieing prematurely.

However It is a good point you made, the teams response other then my own lead towards “The game doesn’t need to follow history exactly, and can relate from its own Timeline” so the answer from me is thank you for the information, however the people doing the Story/Game Concepts are setting down a lead foot

yeah dude, I was think the same thing, I just though you might want to make it more realistic :slight_smile:

It’s a cool idea :wink:

I totally agree, i was going to take your advice but i cant exactly tell em how to do there job, makes the game deving experience kinda irritating for them, honestly i first posted i was going to change it but after we had the talk i had to change it to the current post.

And thanks this game has been in design for a year or so now, only thing thats been holding me back from getting somthing playable has been the fact that i havent been able to get a stable art team up and running, and since im already bogged down by the Programming its impossible for me to do both the graphics and the programming without it taking more then a year to complete (not saying it will be released within a year that all depends on how the Studio progresses but once its stable this game will be one of the many to come out by us).

Och, Im gonna apply, just need to make something to showcase first :smiley:

Sounds good

I’ll be updating the Screens List as it goes, Have been busy obtaining Concept Artists and other various Necessities, so i am sorry for the wait, but its still just me organizing this thing, and i hope you can bare with me.

Concept Art Updated

Seriously, whats up with all these Zombie games? I cant stand them. Im not putting you down, but I think for certain reasons you should delete the drawing and have the people directed to a site with the drawings on them. This is because the drawings are gruesome. Many people don’t like them.

Sure ill do that, I understand that fact your going at, so i wont be a asshat and keep em up here

For anyone who is interested there’s some more concept up and more to come in a day or so from now

you can view it here : - this is a a concept for the Unrated Version ONLY for certain countries laws, the other concept up that is new is the first City Concept which is right next to it.

Enjoy, and please before you start flaming if you dont like it Remember this is for the UNRATED version (Sept the Town)

(This has no nudity in it just a bit radical concept for certain people… as you will see)