Team needed for a Project

My name is Rod Weber and I am from Illinois. I am looking for a team to help transpose a progressive rock concept album that I am currently writing into a full length movie. I am hoping to have the script completed by the end of the month, the album completed by November, and the Movie completed for release by July of 2014.

The project will be broken up in scenes/songs. As scenes are assigned, the script for that scene and the song will be provided to work from. Models/animations/scenes will be loaded into a site for all of the people on this project to use. The ownership of the models will be property of and copy written by the band and used as we see fit. Should a second album and movie follow, anyone that works on this one will have First priority for the positions.

Compensation: Compensation for this project will be during the sales phase. 60% of the net profits from MOVIE sales will be divided equally among all who participate and will be paid out quarterly. Three of the scenes are going to be released as singles under fair usage and No royalties per play will be paid out for these. Only the full movie sales will be counted. Members working on the movie will have no entitlement to pay from the record sales side of this project, only the movie side.