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i am 16 and been using blender for a year now, here is my gallery:

if you like what i can do ( i still havent done the very best i can do, im waiting on a partner or two) then we will exchange emails and send updated blend files back and forth, my weaknesses are programming in python, rigging/animation, but my strength is modelling by scratch no picture needed but i can trace, ive done guns like ak 47 and many pistols, I DO NOT VIDEO CHAT, IT IS WEIRD AND UNCOMFORTABLE, that said, i hope to hear from at least one cool person to work on a little project


P.S. im also good at what i think CGI is (putting 3d things in front of a background image/video)

i am also 16 and been using blender for about a year now, i pick up quickly too

Hey I think i already sent you a message but I would like to help but my weaknesses are the same as yours.
I think i can do level design and other design like guns, attachments, building and location and map design (all basic no fancy looking stuff like texturing and making it look real but im good with the overview design)

Would you be interested in doing a nongame Human heart for a speculation job ( make the thing and see if we can sell it to doctors and schools). It is very detailed and I want to animate it from healthy to unhealthy , like the problems with valves, wall thickness, arteries. Its alot to learn.