Teamviewer Remote Render Control Amazing

Hi all

here at my school we use teamviewer to remote control and remote work/render on our new render workstation.

with teamviewer on windows you can define a permanent password and it starts as a windows service.

for private use it is free.

You can upload / download files - make use of the mouse and have full access, like you are virtually sitting in-front of the computer. You can also set the screen color to millions so you can see a better result. The screen refresh is quite

rendering with 16 cores just rocks …

XFree86/xorg has been able to do that since, what, the 80’s?

for commercial and private use it is free.

Just saying…

Haven’t tried to run blender across a remote X connection yet – think it wouldn’t do so well on a wifi connection – but I have played around with other stuff.

interesting but i tough there was a limit for blender on number of cores to be used to minimize rendering time - something around 8

so your saying that even with more cores you can get faster rendering ?

are you planning to try with more cores > 16 and see results

are what speed each core is working ?

happy blendering

i used the 32 threads version

8 physical cores
16 hyperthreading cores

long time user of teamviewer, highly recommend it.

am curious… Is it better than VNC (this is one is completely free) ? …I think works in all systems… am able to handle a mac remotely, totally…

that’s nice, and it’s definitely handy to be able to remote login to machines quickly, but you should really invest time in looking for a proper render manager. i know there’s the beginnings of one in 2.5.

an external dedicated app, especially at a school, will gain you lots of things vs starting renders manually;

-automated checking and re-rendering of bad frames
-load balancing
-grabbing free cpu cycles on workstations that are idle
-dependencies (ones this simulation finishes, start this render,when that’s done comp, when that’s doen create a mp4 and upload it to this website for review)
-email notification
-built-in vnc access
-lots more

get your IT guys on this, can be a bit of work to setup initially, but will save you loads of time in the long run.


I know what you mean but good luck working with IT people at a University level.
Buying things can take up to a year.

VNC port is blocked so it cannot be used and a labtop campus does not have
a renderfarm.

Teamviewer is not a VNC client but similar. It uses a different port so you can
bypass the VNC port.

This is why we use Teamviewer. It is free for personal use and on windows you can
set a permanent password and make TV start as a windows service.

Great solution. I tried working with many VNC and TV beats them all in setup-time and
usability and more important screen refresh speed.

Heh, I understand price being the issue, but there’s free ones floating about. I fear your main problem will be getting someone interested in installing and maintaining it. Would still be useful even without a farm, installing the nodes across your workstations would allow renders to run either overnight across all machines or when they’d be idle otherwise.

The problem with free (unlike blender of course!) is you get what you pay for; the free systems tend to be flakey, or difficult to install, or difficult to use, or all of the above. Enyhoo, off the top of my head there’s dr queue, sun grid engine, condor, deadline ( free for 2 render machines), there’s probably more out there.

Teamviewer is a commercial product.

The free personal version is all you need and it runs rock solid.

I never touch any other VNC again.