Tearc Dragan - Coming Home - updated

This is the first model, scene thing I’ve done. I am new to Blender, but found after playing with it and reading the tutorials that I enjoy making things in it. The planet and moons were done in blender, the ship was modeled in wings 3d, but textured and colored in blender. I finished the picture up in Photoshop.

edit - Okay I turned off all lights but the ones on the ship and the sun. I moved the two moons to differnet spots, and made the planet bigger. I also increaced the size of the ship. I am having a problem with my atmostpher level, it seems to be either to close or two far away.
any feed back or help is much appeciated.


I was hoping to get some feed back on this. As I said I am new to blender, and was hoping for some way to improve my stuff. Anything on this?


It’s a nice start, here’s some of my suggestions:

  1. The light seems to be originating from everywhere at once, in space it shouldn’t be an evenly lit scene. Unless you meant to do that, try to make the main point of lighting the sun (or whatever star that happens to be), and maybe a weak hemi to simulate the light coming from the background stars and the nebula.
  2. The composition is sorta flat, all the elements are more or less of similar size, try to vary them. For example, make the Earth-like planet huge so that you can only see only a third of it on screen and the Moon and Mars trail off in to the distance.
  3. Perhaps get a closeup of that spaceship, unless you want to compare the ship relative to the planet.
  4. Decrease the background stars’ size and make them more dense.

Well that’s all for now, keep going.

The planets and the moon look flat. The light source (other than the dim light coming from the star field) is the sun. So what is lighting up the planets from the viewers perspective? You’ll need to get some shadows on those spheres to make them look spherical.

updated first post

The space looks too bright for me and those small planets are glossy, they really shouldn’t be. If there’s a strong light behind planets the why are they dark there? The big planet looks better now and the composition isn’t bad either. Keep it up.

I can’t figure out how to make the moons less glossy. I had the one thing turned off, but then they got no shadows and looked flat. And I suppose I can turn the sun down, but the Planet is like the second planet from it’s sun.
Any help on how to make my moons less shiny and what other lights I should take out is much appreacated! I’m so greatful for the help so far.

anything? I hate to move on to something else.