Tearing Off Strips Of Flesh

So I’m creating this creature and I’m starting to add skin, but I want it to look like there have been hunks off skin torn off exposing the bones underneath. Basically like Dino made him his lunch. However I don’t know how o model the holes in the flesh while still incorporating it into the final model, and keeping a clean mesh. Because all my attempts so far have necessitated loop cuts in all sorts of places not only cause creases everywhere but a very unsightly mesh. So I was wondering what your guys thoughts were?

using uv maps? or even procedural texturing?

You could use the sculpting tools to create the detail. Then bake normal and displacement maps.You could also use this technique to create wrinkles and texture etc in the skin. Then enhance the appearance with your uv textures.


Er, no I’m talking about physically modeling holes in the flesh. I already have the skeleton built so the viewer will be able to see through the flesh to the bone and even further inside the body cavity.

Get down and dirty and hack away. Then use retopo to retopologise you mesh to make it cleaner.