Tears of robot - Blender Cookie robot contest

That’s my entry for the contest, render done with Blender+Cycles and Gimp only for light reflections effects.

Very nice image!!! I like this. It remind me of the Tin-Man from Wizard of Oz. Nice!!! Good Luck in competition.

Wow that looks great. But if you want a bit of advice I would say make it so the background blurs out gradually rather than it being sharp then blurry. But the robot and everything else look great, good luck:eyebrowlift2:

I see what you Steal there

what? :confused:

Thanks…I didn’t see the wizard of Oz…but I have to see it!

Thanks…for the background i add a little bit of DOF with a Cycles node with the robot as a focal point…

Cool! The robot looks nice and I like the background too :slight_smile: You may, however want to modify your image so that the robot is more clearly outlined against the background (similar to how his feet contrast against the side of the building). great work! :smiley:

Yes I can, but I have to reduce the DOF effect…

Nice job…but tooo sad

thanks…i know it is sad but nice!!!

Yes…i’m agree with u…I really like all your job!!!

Thanks my friend !!!

Can u help me with a Cicles render?

Yes i can!! Tell me what you want know

Ok Beretta, I have sent u a mail…let me know if U can help me!!!