Tears of Steel for the Oscars

Tears of Steel for the Oscars!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Might work on it mores so comments welcome!

Celia could be a presenter perhaps. But everyone would be freaked out by her robot hand…

Lol, yah :slight_smile:

Dude, why don’t you just admit it, you’re freaked out by the idea of people being freaked out by her robot hand. Freakout-ception!

…that reminds me, still haven’t seen Inception (the punchline’s been ruined for me already, but still want to see it eventually)

No, I’m freaked out by the idea of young Thom having a girlfriend with a robot hand. Reminds me of a song from my youth…

When I was a kid (in the 70s!) we’d listen to a comedy album called “Bitter Reality” by a Canadian comedy duo named “MacLean and macLean.” There was one song on it that was sung by (but uncredited) the guy who produced the album: Burton Cummings. Yes, the singer from that old band “the Guess Who”.

In the song he sings about how his relationship with his girlfriend has not been the same since she “lost her hands at factory”. He sings “Keep those rusty hooks away from me! You almost ripped it off yesterday…”


Tho if Blender Foundation ever does want to enter a movie into the Oscars, they have to premiere it in LA during the qualifying period. I think that’s how it works.

Make’s me think of this…

Yah and not sure if they do shorts… It’s a cool thought tho.

Yes, forgot about that scene. Loved it. And still freaked out by that robot hand…