Tears of Steel Released


Can’t wait until I have some free time to watch this. I already pre-ordered the DVD.

a really good job this! I loved it.

Technically impressive, congratulations to the ToS team!

Strong accent in the girl :slight_smile:
But really good job.

That was really cool! But it ended right when I was most pumped up! :wink:
Great job!

EEEEOOOWWWWWWEEE!!! How do I say awesome in English? Oh, yeah, BBBLLLEEENNNDDDEEERRR!!!

nah, it impresses on many levels.genuinely funny support cast has great lines and sucessfully packs an emotional punch whilst still being high energy action. I can’t see how this could’ve gone better!

Great job guys. I was pleased with it, I think it hit all the technical aspects fairly well. I think that the CG elements stood out as being fake, particularly the robot monsters. Overall it was very solid and well done. Thank you all.

I liked the story better than Sintel. (spark)

i dont understand it

It was good in the sense that I have seen “hollywood productions” with worse CGI.There where very impressive parts, but also parts that I found a little less convincing.

It was strange to see very professional actors mixed with actors that didn’t convince me. That is the part where I am less impressed. Then again it was also a mix of professional actors with less experienced actors. It would be wrong to put everyone up to the same standard.

The good part is that my quirks aren’t really Blender related or not from a technical pov. The robots didn’t convince me and some parts had a “fake” impression, but I think this has more to do with time constraints.

But overall seeing the budget & the timeframe, it is a very impressive job! I don’t think a lot of people could do it better with the same resources !

EDIT: clarified some parts

Very nice, i liked the movie a lot.

Really enjoyed it! I hope someday you guys expand a bit on the overall story. Seems like there’s a lot more to it than this little snippet would suggest.

i don’t like it and don’t understand

I watched it. I love the visuals. I don’t get the plot though. Some people make an elaborate replica of a city try to talk to a robot that apparently has memory synced with a brain, they manage to convince it not to destroy the world, but then they destroy all the robots anyway.

/me appears to have missed something vital.

Maybe the update cycle on the bots isn’t realtime. If it was, they could try the terminator:salvation strategy and corrupt the signal it self (doubt those bots would have that type of interface for security reasons) -or if they’re AI grunt bots, they can choose not to accept the new instructions, or only accept new instructions on update cycles.

ok, too much time concurrent/P2P theorizing.

/* from an outsiders perspective */
Well, This guy Thom is going out with this girl Celia. He ditches her to go out on some space voyage. Celia is a robotics expert.

40 years in the future Celia has built an army of robots that are intent on destroying the world and taking over, she has copied her memories and feelings into these bots. There is a crazy laser eyed director who is engaged in a digital production involving Thom and one of the robots to attempt to rewrite a portion of the robots memory in order to make it stop it’s destructive rampage.

Thom reenacts the fateful day when Celia’s life was ruined by him. He goes against the script and just ad-libs his lines in a heartfelt plea to Celia. He apologizes and she seems to react positively. The experiment has not worked completely, but it has taught the director some important lesson.

The good part is that my quirks aren’t really Blender related or not from a technical pov. The robots didn’t convince me and some parts had a “fake” impression, but I think this has more to do with time constraints.

They didn’t convince me either. The animation, I mean. Models and rendering are excellent.

I didn’t like the movie.
They don’t know what to show and what to hide. This is my impression.
There’s a more serious issue on this movie that is difficult for me and my english to discuss it.
It’s a Scale problem, scale here with a deeper meaning. Scale as balance, Scale as composition.
When you mix real photos-cinema with CG. You need a lot of details… and some way to compare what you sculpt with the photo, in real time.
I’m talking about the city as it looks.
Or some machines-like when robots are on top of them. The texture of these machines wasn’t convincing either.
Or an explosion in this church… you need much more details for such effects.

Or, as I said, you have to be clever and find a way to hide what’s not convincing.
Remember the first alien movie…

Let me put it this way. If this was going to be a funny movie, everything could look more convincing.

This movie was awesome!!
Yes, I demand a longer movie that shows how the girl built the robots and took over the world and also shows what happened after the ending of tears of steel.

That’s how i understood it , but i can be wrong as it’s only 10 minutes long so there were too few time to elaborate about the world around.

From what i watched, it seems that Celia was somehow responsible for the AI of the robots that destroyed humanity, so somehow the people that are left are trying to convince “her” (the AI routines ressembling the woman personnality she certainly coded in the AI) of how sorry Thom is to have hurt her that much, so the robots do not annihilate what’s left of them.

I’m not sure what the rambo guy shooting dozen of robots have to do with this though.