Teaser Pic

Hi all. This is the start of my new blend. This is all you will get until this one is completely finished. (I know, what a pain in the ass I am :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: ).


Just so you know, this was modelled and rendered in test build version from Jan. 26. No raytracing. Just 3 point light set-up with standard spots. Some noise added in PS.

See you in Finished Works forum!


LOL welll what are we supposed to say about that?

nice background color :wink:

hmm… ok, I have to ask: why all this detailed info on blender version and light setup… it’s just some tubes? or am I missing something? :slight_smile:

I know what that is tho, it’s a mech.


Yes, odd stating all tghat, but stgill, looks like a neat design, I always feel competative with you when it comes to sci-fi stuff inm blender… YOU ASSHOLE! (joking)

Looks goodf

Fantastic work, BgDM. This is really inspiring. I am, so to say, speachless… :wink: Just kidding. Will this be a vehicle for sebulba? Interesting material.

Well, I figured someone would ask. That’s all. Andyes, you are missing something. :wink:

You could say hoobiddywhatnuloopy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know why you would feel competitive. Your stuff is always great and exceeds my skills in this stuff. And I am an asshole too! :stuck_out_tongue:


I may post a few more images before I post in finished, but not many.


looking good. could be everything, at first i would say it’s gonna be a spaceship, but a mech is a good idea :slight_smile: .

in my build (and it’s a new one) i can’t set the settings for the lamps, there’s just the rayshadows and the only shadows buttons. and there are no other buttons after pressing them :wink: . how do i get soft shadows like yours now ?



well this could actually be your start of your f1 of this year…oh well we never know with those 3 huge engine o_O

ps: I’m gonna start mine in about 2weeks =)

engine of some sort?

maybe he is modeling a sculpture of an unknown object