Teaser Trailer for Luck's End! Live-action movie with CGI composite

This is old work, links are dead anyway.

uh dude I had no idea what the movie was about from the teaser trailer :confused: (aside from the fact that a boy is “lucky”? But i couldn’t tell who the lucky one was.

I did like the ship tho.

BruceWayne: True but since its a “teaser” I wanted to have piece where we get introduced to the characters. For the big Trailer we’ll put in more specific story lines and stuff.

You like the ship? Thanks! It took me awhile to model it, then it lay in my Blender folder for a while when we were filming. Finally I noticed that its main texture looked a little bit like wood. So I added in about 50,000 polies of detail and re-textured.

I’d love to hear more comments and critiques!:smiley:

download doesn’t start for me.

downloads for me (edit: ) right now.

TroutMask: Try right-clicking>save as. I tried to find out how to set up a streaming video for about two days but couldn’t figure it out. That was such a waste of time.:rolleyes:

Felix_Kütt: Does it download? If yes then what do you think!:slight_smile: If it doesn’t then try the right-click> save as thing.