tech demos and models etc

first model.

corvete class ship (or something?).

(I enabled AA x8)

ill have some more soon…and if spike (sorry i forgot your name) could help me out with some HDR lighting, since i plan on putting this into a basic scene as a tech demo type of thing.

Well I will consider it for the HDR demo if you can get textures done for it, along with the neccesary normal map.

sure ill see what i can come up with, plus its just over 2k vertices so i can add more details. what size texture maps? 2048x2048 or something like that?

whoa! not quite that large, try 512x512

ok no problem, working on it now. by the way i just saw one of the HDR videos…amazing :smiley:

its not just blender that is getting better, its the users :slight_smile:

lol, thx.

Actualy ive been with blender since its begining, I am also a graphics programmer and have my own engine, and I do little work here and there on the GE’s source :slight_smile:

little update, no textures yet but some little things added to ship. could some one give me a hand with the texturing and UV mapping please since i aint to good at it. if your interested just PM me, cheers.

ill have a huey cobra done soon aswell. :smiley:

here is the huey cobra. its just over 1k polys…i think its roughly 1440 or something.