Tech Help: Blender crashes on startup.

Blender crashes instantly when I start the game. The console/dos window reports it’s “continuing happily” (or whatever it says?) the actual blender screen is grey and a non responding Windows prompt appears, I then close the program.
Vista 64-bit Premium
Asus HD 4850 512mb GPU
4 gigs ram
q6600 2.4ghz quad core CPU
I know ATI cards are a problem sometimes, does anyone have any suggestions as to what might help. I did look at the sticky above, most of the information I was able to find was over 5 years old, thus I though I’d try to get some more up to date advice.

You need to install Python

Cool video card.

Didn’t fix it. Surely somebody else has this popular graphic card?

I think your problem is because of you 64-bit windows. Blender is NOT windows 64-bit compatible . Try it on 32-bit windows or 64-bit linux.

Wrong. Blender32 runs perfectly in any 64 bit windows. All 64 bit MS OS (as well as 64 bit Linux Distros) have a 32 Bit compatibility mode.

I dont use Vista, because for Blender its a millstone on your leg, but AFAIK you can create a shortcut to blender.exe and tell vista to run it either in full 32 bit compatibility mode, or run it in windows XP compatibility mode.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ve reinstalled, installed python like the first person suggested (didn’t work) updated all my drivers and such. I really don’t want to just give up, but I’m lost.

The console used to progress to the point that it would say “continuing happily” but now it says:
Compiled with Python version 2.5.2
Checking for installed Python… got it!

Then it “stops working.”

Here is something strange I found: If I reinstall my graphic drivers (Catalyst 8.8) and then choose not to reboot, blender will work fine until I reboot, at which point the same issue returns. What does reinstalling the driver do that allows blender to work? And what does rebooting do that stops it from working again? I’ll post anything else I can figure out.

I have the EXACT same problem running Vista Ultimate 32bit. It happens exactly as you have said and I havn’t updated my drivers at all since I bought my comp but Blender ran perfectly when i first got it. It could possibly be the windows vista updates because i have downloaded alot of those. Been looking for a solution for days and I am about to reboot my computer to see if that works.

Probably shouldn’t bouble post but don’t know how to edit my post.

Finally got it to work wierd.

I reinstalled blender 2.47 then I went into the program files blender file chicked on the blender app went in to properties. Clicked on compatibility then went to run in compat for windows 2000. Then clicked on show for all users and also made it to run on windows 2000 compat mode then ran the app as admin and it opened??? wierd aye.

Good for you. You are using a Ati hd4850?
To update: I’ve tried running blender in ubuntu and that is evevn more of a pain. I"ve gotten far closer to having it run stable in Vista. In Ubuntu the screen keeps flashing in and out of existance, and also if I go full screen it makes everything go all “blocky,” that is, it scrambles my display. After closing blender then everything go back to looking good.
I’m still hoping for some help if anyone has any more ideas.

Please read here:

Blender works in Vista64 and it has nothing to do with Python not installed.