Tech help on making a modeling prog

(Sutabi-old) #1

I’ve been messing and looking inot basic raytracing math and well I’d figure I’ll wait on that for one more year, so then I could be taking pre-cal and physics, which would help me a lot. So I kinda wanted to just make no really a modeler but something that assigns textures, positions, size and so on which would basicly set up a scene.

I am currently using Euphoria, which is not as fast a c code but very much like python but 20 x times faster. And I got a nice lib on opengl that a person on IRC called mic put in. So as I am going back into opengl right nowI have a few questions. Basicly about interface, what kinda interface are you looking for? Becuase I’ve always been bad on design even on simple things.

Also if you could point to some nice 3d …errr i guess modeler with some kinda diary and some docs that would really help!

(valarking) #2

maybe you could wait til blender’s sources are released, and then look at that.

(emtilt) #3

Take a look at my guide to 3d freeware at
A large amount of those programs are open source projects that are very well documented. Many also have active communties that could help you.