TechBlitz 2007!

Here in my hometown, we have a local technology competition every year for grades K-12 called “TechBlitz”. Last year I entered an extremely crappy Blender game (it was my first), and…lost. But, the reason was, I later learned, is that all projects are sopposed to do with Technology advancing education. oh. crud.

This year I’ve created a walkthrough of the library that teaches you about the sections of the library (Fiction, Nonfiction, The Dewey Decimal System, The Internet, and Computer Resources). The link is in my sig. If you guyses would like, I could post pictures of the affair (Its not until tomorrow). Just…ya know…informing…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well tell us if you win! Then send us each a dollar for helping…ha ha!


Will a spot in the credits do? I put you, Stu_Flowers, ititrix, chaser, Mr. Crunchy, uhhhh lots of other people that helped me/gave me advice.

Good luck, Make us proud :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen any of the other entries, but I don’t need to. You used Blender, so you automatically win as far as I’m concerned…

(And yes, I am interested in seeing pictures / hearing how it turns out.)

good luck mikel.

Thanks for your support! p00f, you’re in the creds as well as vimel (i think…) Im leavin in a few minutes, so BYE!!!

We are soooooo dominating the attention in our room. The competition is jealous, the judges are impressed, VICTORY IS OURS!!!:evilgrin: :evilgrin:

Great !
Where is the “TREAT” mikel ?
Show us some photos of People admiring You and Your work in Blender. We would love to see it.

Oh yeah, Vimel! Yah got that rite!!! I almost felt sorry for the people in our presentation room!!
= ) All day I was flocked with news media, hot chicks (fureal), and interested by-standers. Blender was a hit!!! and…I WON BEST IN SHOW!!! I also explained the whole process to a lady from the paper. Blender got sum harmless publicity.


And you too, of course…

Thanks Mr. Crunchy! My teamates say thanks!!!

Does your zip code happen to start with 359?

Ton for president!!! Roosendaal!!!, Roosendaal!!! Okay, random thought…back to earth now: Great job man!!! 'Tis awesome to see someone win a games competition with Blender!!!

Don’t bump old threads please. It would have been more appropriate to send a private message in this case.