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Hello Blenderfans !

First sorry for my English i am german…Well i will do my best.
I hope it works. Its my first thread here.

Its about a Techdemo for Blender using the new Gameengine.

Check out the links to the german forum :

I hope you will not go angry because of the Links…I thought i might be the easier way to show you what i have done

These things are currently under development:

  • flame system
  • environment changing as the day progresses (for example red sky during sunrise, heat flickering during sunset)
  • indirect lighting
  • precached realtime shadows for the whole scenery (huge performance boost)
  • HDR, bloom, weapon focus, depth of field & miscellaneous other shaders
  • landscape size of about 20 km2 and more
  • 30 different terrain textures (bumped & baked)
  • driving physics, improved ragdoll behaviour of various organic & movable objects
  • 100 sounds being worked on (30 already done)
  • weather system (rain, wind)

These things are still on the to do list:

  • reducing of polygons depending on distance
  • fading of objects depending on distance
  • Next-Gen characters, weapons & according animations
  • soudtrack & main theme
  • cool startlogo (similar to the one of the DUNIA engine; the blender logo burning and so on)
  • fading of sounds and sounds palyed accordingly to the time of the day (scripted)
  • sun rays (included in the Apricot demo, I am going to look into it)

Greetings , Mathes

i understand why no-one has posted on this because im speachless its just amazing.

Wow, those a good, really good.

that is made very well!

die bilder sind erst klassig! (Ich kann deutsche sprechen)

There is a Blend file for you…

Notice: i made this to handle it as a free demo for all. So, if you want to use it just use it :smiley:
But, iam happy to know about it so please ask before :yes:

That’s totally amazing. It’s like commercial XBOX style right there! just as good as KRUM, another great blender game.

Screens are amazing for sure, if something like Far Cry 2 actually gets made in Blender, it might attract a lot of user and development interest.

i really need a glsl supported comp. D:

Here is a Blend from moerdn, he made a spectator mode.So enjoy it :wink:

If the Frames per seconds are low please set the Firesensor from 0 to 2 or higher this increases performance.

Very nice!
Keep blending!

Here is a Movie for you, enjoy it !

Greetings Mathes

:eek: holy sh!t

I’m thru


Very Nice!!! Very Good scenes! xD
I realy like this ^^

:eek::eek: stunning absolutely stunning

that is… so awesome…

That’s stunning. my only critique is that the plants look a bit cardboard like. a few normal maps may resolve that.

The savana demo runs at about 15fps… guess I need a new rig :wink:

Nice. Really nice, actually. Keep going!

  • Joeman :slight_smile:

Dang! The link above gives me:
“This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector’s Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.”


Blendiac: Here is the original thread from (german though)
Another options is to join #gameblender on Freenode, mathes was there the last days

Wow, simply amazing.